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Letter to the editor: What transpired at a convention
Letter to the Editor generic


What transpired at the Chatham County Republican Party convention held here on April 17 has been in the news lately. At our local Republican Party convention, the incumbent officers of our party ignored their own state and local rules, by refusing to take nominations from the floor, which is standard practice. When our grassroots Constitutional Patriots, who are dues-paying members, called for Point of Order at “our” convention, we were ignored.

There was nothing out of control at the meeting, no chairs thrown, no foul language, nothing even close to a melee.

We did nothing wrong!

The problem: our GOP Congressmen and Senators betrayed us on Jan. 6, 2021, when they failed to call into question the Electoral College votes and instead rushed to certify a fraudulent election.

As was said by Todd Starnes on American Family Radio, “the election wasn’t just stolen by the democrats, it was given away by the Republicans.”

Why this problem is important to be solved: the GOP has been mismanaged and misguided for years and does not represent the American people, who predominantly reject BIG-GOVT socialism and are conservative Constitutionalists.

We are the American freedom-loving patriots who sacrifice time and treasure to do what’s right. We did the right thing at our convention on April 17.

Freedom for ourselves and for future generations depend on rebuilding our Constitutional republic, beginning with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 


 Peter A. Robyn, Savannah

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