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Letter to the editor: For those moving to rural places


I have a request for those of you who think moving to rural America is going to solve your issues. You have shown your lack of common sense by continually voting for parasites that leech off private sector taxpayers and yet you haven’t made any effort whatsoever to change the growth of government in your previous domain.

Please prioritize your needs and reestablish your independence from government.

Animal Farm by George Orwell perfectly describes large metropolitan areas and cities, it will help you as well. You assume that you need government for all things but in order for government to do so it has to confiscate wealth from the very people that pays for all things.

Private sector taxpayers are responsible for every dollar consumed outside that arena of economics.

Something has to be made and needed by others, including services.

While government does provide a service it has to be restrained or it wants to grow and expand like a cancer, feeding off the citizens it needs to maintain its existence.

Government growth has to be restricted to as small as percentage as possible with minimum cost of outlay by those paying taxes. There has to be compulsory compliance within a budget approved by taxpayers.

We’re at a point of no return with present bureaucratic overreach. The deep state is showing their true colors using intimidation and force to get citizens to comply with autocratic authority to protect its largesse.

Congress has failed America and its citizens. The midterms have to be a turning point for our republic with citizens voting overwhelmingly to maintain the three branches of govt that must be held accountable, the executive, legislative and judicial. The SCOTUS, most importantly, has to be responsible for interpreting constitutional laws based on constitution as written by founders not on woke equity as defined by perceived interpretation using emotions to reach a conclusion and desired outcome.

And in some cases using distorted history and facts.

Legal citizens have to stay informed using common sense and basic economic skills of capitalism to defend our nation against tyranny knocking at the door.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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