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Letter to the editor: An opinion with a question


Like most people I have an opinion concerning most events or situations. But, I also have a question, not always about what to do, but why.

This election will be my second in the First Congressional District of Georgia and the first frankly was without much knowledge. We, the District, are represented by individuals who are elected for our interests so here are some observations on which I would appreciate some thoughts.

In November of 2021, Congress passed an infrastructure bill that was signed into law. In the bill, Georgia got over $10 billion over five years. Of that, $8.9 billion will go toward improvement of roads, $225 million for bridges and driving these roads, much needed. It also got $1.4 billion for public transportation and I moved here riding a bike.

Airports will get $619 million, of which $5 million is headed to Savannah. Some $100 million will go to high speed Internet and in Savannah it is needed.

The ports will receive $8 million which will mostly head to Savannah creating over 400 jobs so far and the ability to move 80,000 containers idled as of the first of August while 30 ships waited at sea to unload.

That is talking about supply chain, which affects what is on the shelves and what it costs. There is $50 billion for coastal restoration which got my attention as the ocean has risen over 11 inches since the 1950s and is expected to rise more than 6 inches by 2035. That’s you Tybee, St. Simons and Jekyll.

The question: Why should I vote for Buddy Carter when he voted against all this for the First District?

Then we have Wade Herring. I saw a green sign and asked, who was this? I was told he was the other candidate, about who I still know little. He goes to the same church as Buddy, so that’s a wash. He did say he would have voted for this bill, that’s a plus. He also has stated he is for upholding the Constitutional duties of a Congressman. Should I vote for Wade?

As a former intern of both Senator Strom Thurmond and Congressman Floyd Spence, I want to say this is not a political statement, rather a statement of the “quality of life” of the First Congressional District. To paraphrase Sen. Thurmond, the primary responsibility of any representative of the people is to protect the interest of the constituents of, in this case, the district. Any other thought concerning what I have opined is an assumption.

Thank you.

John Adden, Savannah

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