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Letter to editor: Educator says she gets educated
Letter to the Editor generic


When I was moved to speak out last year on behalf of our children being masked when the children had no voice, I had no idea the journey I would be taking over the course of this year. The video of me presenting the scholarship was shared enough that I was asked to go to Washington, DC, by FreedomWorks, to attend a workshop looking into the workings of school boards across the nation. In speaking with concerned adults from Arizona to the Loudon County, Virginia parents, it was obvious that the same infiltration of curriculums to divide our children and introduce sex education was a new national standard.

I had heard of CRT (Critical Race Theory), which has the ideology of dividing children and pitting them against one another, but I had not heard of SEL, (Social Emotional Learning), nor CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education).

Much of this stepped up the pace when our schools were shut down and then, when the children were allowed to return to school, parents were not allowed into the same buildings they sent their children into daily.

Neither was there graded homework, and what was sent home was worksheets since Bryan County had not bought textbooks for over seven years and relied on teachers to get their materials from state websites.

This took parent involvement out their children’s education.

I learned that with SEL, our children take VERY personal surveys regularly (look up Georgia Health Surveys in public schools) which are used to determine social/emotional scores, resulting in funding additional health services, tracks children and is a lever for Equity and Social Justice teaching and assessments. (Ask your children about the surveys they take on their Bill Gates Chrome Books or about the “Furries” in their schools).

For me, even more insidious, CSE is the introduction of sexual and gender teaching to even our youngest of children. It is one of the greatest assaults on the family and the health and innocence of children.

Unlike traditional sex education, comprehensive sexuality education is highly explicit and promotes promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors to children as healthy and normal.

Another goal of CSE, is to change the sexual norms of society, which is why CSE could be more accurately called “abortion, promiscuity and LGBTQ rights education.”

While attending the workshop in DC, I learned of the documentary “Mind Polluters” and was given the right to show it in Richmond Hill. I then attended another forum at Glen Beck Studios in Dallas where I was able to view it a second time, listen o show it again when I returned home. Sadly, some have attempted to discredit me.

Much of what I learned this year clarified the confusion that I experienced when in about 2005, I was unexpectedly called to the office the day before Christmas vacation, and asked to leave the 8th grade and start the “New Math” in the 6th grade because the district was being “threatened with lawsuits if they didn’t begin the new program.” I was told people would trust it with me heading it up.

Within weeks, the books that could have been used by prior generations were removed and destroyed. I know the struggle teachers must have without textbooks.

Across the nation, mathnasiums and tutoring facilities sprung up. Parents and students were lost.

This is an informational piece to help our community understand some of the ways our schools have changed over the past several years and why I am fighting to overturn the school board and the superintendent.

May God bless our schools, our brave teachers, and most of all, may God bless our precious children.

Lisa Freeman, Richmond Hill 

Editor’s note: Freeman included a biography in her submission and asked that it be run as well.

Lisa Freeman is a 31 year resident of Richmond Hill, Georgia. She graduated in 1974 from the University of Nebraska with degrees in Elementary Education (K-8) and Educable Mentally Retarded (K-12) with a minor in English. She began teaching in North Chicago, IL with the Special Education District of Illinois (SEDOL). She later received certifications in Learning Disabilities and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders Education. She taught one year in Learning Disabilities and five years as a middle and high school EBD teacher with certificates in Illinois, Maryland and Virginia. When she moved to Georgia, she was disillusioned with the direction of Special Education and received middle grades certification from Armstrong College. She taught in Georgia middle grades for 19 years. She later went on to receive her Masters in Middle Grades Math and Science from Armstrong Atlantic University. She retired on August 7, 2009 upon the death of her son, Capt. Matthew Freeman, USMC in Afghanistan, after over 30 years in education.

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