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Letter to the editor: Decision to run comes from conviction
Letter to the Editor generic


For me, everything starts from a place of conviction. I look around at our nation and my heart breaks for the young people. They are being bombarded by so many mixed messages before they even have the chance to be grounded. 

And I look at parents and the struggles they wrestle with as they try to provide for their children as well as raise them up in their own belief system and values. There is no doubt that raising a family in this day and age is difficult. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. And with public education being a place where children spend the majority of their day, is it possible for all parents to feel that it s a safe place for their children in which they don’t have to compromise their beliefs? 

Every parent has the right to raise their children up in the values and belief system of their choice. Not that one parent’s rights are of more value than another. How can we have public education that represents everyone as a whole? Is this even possible?

 It is possible, if we leave out any doctrine or belief system in public education. Our public education system exists to help students learn how to think not teach them what to think. This type of education leaves room for parents to teach their kids the values and beliefs that are important to them. This way everyone can be respected, honored, and valued.

 I’m running for the School Board for District Four because of a desire to help support our teachers, parents and students. My prayers are with the School Board, Principals, Teachers, Faculty and Staff and possible future candidates. 

May God bless you all.

Rebecca Ricker, Richmond Hill

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