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Has Trump won the Nobel Peace Prize?
Guest column
Victor Pisano
Victor Pisano is a writer, thinker and Ford Plantation resident.

I woke up this morning more confident than ever that we are about to witness something that I (and the rest of the world) thought impossible only a few months ago — a denuclearized Korean Peninsula and meaningful peace between North and South Korea. What happened overnight? Kim Jung-un "blinked." And who made him blink? Without a doubt, the 45th President of the United States — Donald Trump.

To get to this point alone, the President deserves the "Prize."

President Trump slammed sanctions, more sanctions, and then rallied allies and foes alike to join his efforts to economically squeeze "Little Rocket-Man" into submission. When bullied verbally, Trump, as per usual, counterpunched with bullying tweets of his own. "My missiles are bigger than your missiles." Bold? Yes. Some say reckless. But it worked. Trump succeeded where all of the last three presidents had failed. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama each took the option of just kicking the can down the road. President Obama went so far as to warn Donald Trump during the inauguration that the most pressing issue he left him was what to do about North Korea. President Obama was flummoxed. That was only 16 months ago.

Well, that Korean can just stopped rolling at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20500.

Yes, it’s not a completed deal yet. But it will be. Past CIA Director and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, secretly met with the North Korean leader to set up the details of the historic meeting. It will be the first meeting ever between a North Korean president and a president of the United States. During the confirmation process, sadly, only five democrat senators voted to confirm Pompeo — but that’s another oped.

Last month, before meeting with then CIA Director Pompeo, Kim Jung-un was summoned to the principal’s office. He was called in by China’s president for life, Xi Jinping, who just happens to be Trump’s new BBF (best bud forever). Kim Jung-un was sent home with a "deal" he couldn’t refuse. It’s clear that Trump’s book, "The Art of The Deal," came into play here. You deal from a position of power, you negotiate ready to walk out at any time, you listen to your opponent’s desires and give them options — the art of the deal.

Only in this particular case, thanks to President Trump and President Xi, Kim Jung-un had only two choices offered — little and none.

Now, there is not only a solid chance for lasting peace in that region of the world, there is also a strong likelihood that the Korean War could officially be called "over."

In his own words, South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, said, "U.S. President Donald Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the standoff with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program." And who are we to disagree?

The irony of the Nobel Peace Prize was that its namesake, Alfred Nobel, was a 19th century Swedish chemist and the inventor of dynamite. Alfred obviously understood the basic foundation for the art of the deal.

Mark my words, within the next 16 short months, if Donald Trump pulls this one off with North Korea and unifies the Korean Peninsula, he will guarantee his own legacy, a real legacy, as one of the great presidents of this century and he will win the Nobel Peace Prize. A true peace prize. Why? Because it was Donald J. Trump who made the deal.

Or — he will walk. "We shall see."

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