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God awaits your call
pastor corner

It is my plan to be with my dad this week. I’ve mentioned that he is very ill, and has had to move in with my sister.

I’m more than four hours away, so I cannot visit every week. But I am trying to go once a month in order to take some of the pressure off of my sister. I try to give her some time to get away from the situation, even if she does not go anywhere.

I have to admit something to you. I’m really struggling as I watch my dad slowly decline.

I trust the Lord completely. I know that he is in control. And I know that my dad will soon be in heaven, a place far better than anything you and I have ever seen.

Still, I will admit this to you – I don’t like it. My dad has been my hero all of my life. The idea of him being gone is difficult to comprehend.

Even now he is able to talk, and we are on the phone at least one time every day. We talk about the Braves, about our family, and about all manner of other things, some of which are rather trivial.

But the point is that we talk – every day – without fail.

It’s funny. I’ve been calling Dad daily (with very few exceptions) since 2005 when Mom died. There have been very few times when he has called me first.

But when I’ve missed a day, he’s let me know the next day that he missed my call. I’ve tried to explain that his phone will make outgoing calls to me. But for the most part he has waited for me to call.

That is similar to my conversations with my other Father. My heavenly Father waits to hear from me. I fear that I have not been as faithful in speaking to him as I have to my dad, and for that I am embarrassed.

In the same way as my Dad, the Lord waits to hear from me. His line is never busy. He is never away from home. But he waits for me to call.

Can I encourage you to be more faithful in your conversations with the Lord. Paul wrote, “Pray without ceasing.” That should drive us all.

God is waiting to hear from you. Will you call on him today?

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