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Finding your ministry
pastor corner

In Matthew 7:1 Jesus says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”. Most people stop reading here and come up with this belief that Jesus is teaching that we should never judge.

The truth is we have to make judgments every day. If we read on, Jesus is saying that we need to make rational, fair judgments and should expect to be judged with the same severity in which we judge others.

Verse 2 says, “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

There was a time in my past where I was According to Ephesians 4:12 every believer should have a ministry or be doing works of service. Also, one of the responsibilities of a pastor is to equip members of Christ’s church for that ministry.

God does have a plan for our lives and when we are fulfilling that plan through obedience then the end result should be that others are blessed and Jesus Christ is honored.

One of the best ways to know what sitting at a restaurant and happened to look up and I recognized a person going to the bar. I had knowledge that this person was struggling with an addiction.

My first thought was that this person had relapsed, and I felt a sadness for them and some disappointment. I didn’t stare at them, but quickly was reminded of these verses in Matthew 7. As I thought more you should be doing is that you have some interest in that area. If the thought of being involved in some ministry turns you off, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Once you find out what it is you are supposed to be doing and start doing it then one result is that you will experience fulfillment but most likely that ministry will also be fruitful; you will make a difference in your sphere of influence and beyond.

about this, the person most likely was going to the bar to pick up a food order not to go backwards in their fight against addiction.

Even if that person had made a bad choice, my response should have been to pray for them and be of any positive support I could be, not to find a reason to look down on them or spread gossip about them.

As we go through life, we will have to make all kinds of judgments, but may we practice judging in a way in which we desire others to judge us.

A key truth is that before you can be used by God, you must be in a right relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. But the good news is that you can if you will surrender your life to Him.

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