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Don’t let your blooms fade
pastor corner

Some of the most beautiful flowers that grow in the area where I live are azaleas. Sadly, they only last for a couple of weeks; it isn’t long until the flowers start to fade. I do enjoy them but would prefer flowers that continue to bloom throughout the year. I know that you can plant azaleas that bloom more often but the blooms are not that full.

The scriptures doesn’t literally use the term, “bloom where you have been planted”, but the idea is prevalent there. For instance, in Matthew 5, we are told that we “are the light of the world” and that we should “let (our) light shine before others, that they may see (our) good deeds and glorify (our) Father in heaven”. Also as flowers give off a good fragrance, so we are told in 2 Corinthians 2 that “we are the aroma of Christ “. We should be what causes others to be attracted to becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

The problems occur when we Christians allow our witness to fade; one day we live out the faith we profess and then the next we don’t. The Apostle Paul, in the book of Romans, addresses this issue when he states that we don’t have to be slaves to sin. We cannot be perfect in this life but we can live a victorious life by choosing to live a Spirit-filled life.

We can bloom where God has planted us, whether that be at school, in the workplace, in our neighborhood or maybe most importantly among our families.

The answer is not just trying to be a better person but that of being filled with God’s Spirit and asking for a fresh filling each and every day.

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