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Dee McLelland: Which way to go? Go your way
Dee McLelland new

This is my last column before the elections next Tuesday. Which way to go?

By the number of text messages, commercials and billboards, both the Democrats and Republicans are going full speed ahead and their messages couldn’t be more confusing. I’m told Joe Biden has a plan to battle Covid-19. OK, if your plan is so great why haven’t you shared that with Americans? If you’re truly “for the people,” seems like you would have been sharing your thoughts immediately and not waiting to see how the election turns out.

The Republicans tell you everything was going great until Covid-19 hit. OK, if they were going that great why did everything go into a tailspin so quickly?

I’m also confused by the way our voting campaigns have seemingly been pointed towards one party. It’s every person’s right as a citizen to vote, but they also have a right to not cast a vote. You can’t demand they vote, you can urge them to vote.

Which way to go?

Last election there was a huge uproar over outside interference in the election. It was the Russians? It was a rigged result? No, the Democrats thought they had a landslide with Hillary Clinton, an established politician, against Trump. They mistakenly thought having eight years of the Obama administration in the White House would make it simple to push past Trump since he was a newcomer. Then when the election was lost, they have been crying foul ever since. Which way to go?

Another question I have about the election is where was Biden during the last one? He simply took a back seat to Clinton and now that that ship has sailed he has the spirit to come back? Sorry, not buying it. Which way to go?

President Trump doesn’t seem to pay attention to much advice but if I gave him some it would be this: Keep your head down, pull through with promises and understand your legacy will be based on the next four years, not on your press conferences.

Which way to go?

I have family and friends fully entrenched in the Democratic Party. I respect their thoughts whether I agree or not.

I have family and friends fully bunkered in the Republican Party. I respect their opinions whether I agree or not.

I say that full well knowing that people will think I’m playing both sides. I’m not. I have voted Democrat and Republican in past elections. I also know I will make one side of my family and friends unhappy if they find out my vote.

Which way to go?

Some of the things the Democratic Party has pulled over the last four years can be called “fishy,” at best. Some of the things the Republican talking heads have tried are also right along that “smelly,” border.

My vote can’t be held hostage by promises that don’t smell good from the first whiff. Don’t tell me it’s raining when you’re….well you know the saying. That goes for both parties.

Which way to go?

So I break everything down this way. We know exactly what we are going to get from Trump over the next four years. Some good, some bad. He can act like a spoiled child and will also get some things done which will be beneficial. I give a rats butt if he makes some folks mad.

We have no idea what Biden brings to the table, in fact, I’m not sure he’s actually the candidate you would be voting for anyway. Remember, I mentioned something just doesn’t feel or smell right about his campaign.

Which way to go?

You get your chance next Tuesday America. Vote!

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