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Deal's veto of 'religious liberty' bill wrong
Letter to the editor

Editor, God help Georgia. Gov. Nathan Deal certainly won’t. Deal vetoed the "religious liberty" bill, which is a slap in the face to all Christians and small-business owners. Deal and the PC (politically correct) police are willing to throw the Constitution in the trash to kiss up to the altar of greed. The government should have no say as to whom businesses can or should serve.

The main reason his veto was wrong is the Constitution, which gives American citizens religious freedom.

If a businessperson is unable to abstain from doing something that is against their faith, it is a violation of their constitutional right to religious freedom. I just wonder if the government will force a Muslim business owner to provide service to someone who violates their religion.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant just signed that state’s religious freedom bill, and 10 more states are considering the same type of law.

The law aims to shield people, religious organizations and other entities for acting in a manner consistent with their faith-based convictions without facing potential legal ramifications.

Why aren’t Christians standing up for their religious beliefs?

How many ministers are preaching to their congregation to boycott Disney World, Apple and others? After all, there’s Sea World and Universal in Orlando. Apple isn’t the only company making computers and phones. Remember, these companies need your business more than you need their products.

Why aren’t Christian stores taking Disney products off of the shelf? Why aren’t parents refusing to buy Disney DVDs and toys? The way you get a business’s attention is by hitting them financially. This bill is the will of the majority of Georgians, not big business, who thinks they run our state. If all of the states pass such a bill, how will these companies force their will on the people?

I refuse to take my great-grandchildren to Disney World, and I no longer buy Disney products. My computer is not an Apple, and I do not use an iPhone. I am not going to let the government and big business dictate to me how I am going to live and what I believe. I will boycott any company that thinks it can.

Len Calderone


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