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Military moms sacrifice much
Military spouse
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Some moms will spend this Mother’s Day being pampered in a spa. Some will go out for a nice brunch or dinner. Flowers, cards and candy will mark this day for many. But there are some out there who will be spending their Sunday in a much less typical way.
This one goes out to the mothers who have a son or a daughter off serving their country, to the wives who are left to take care of their children on their own this Sunday while their husbands are away, to the mothers who will spend the day in a combat zone thousands of miles from their precious children. On this Mother’s Day, I thank you.
It’s you who make America beautiful. By bringing heroes into the world, bringing up your children with a sense of patriotism and honor, supporting your husband in his service, even if that means sacrificing your “me time” for baseball games and dance lessons, you truly deserve to be honored on this day.
This is for you, if today you will go about the business of taking care of your children alone. This is for you if you will spend the day worrying quietly for the safety of your deployed son or daughter. And this is for you, when you’re getting restless sleep on a bunk that’s too far from home.
Happy Mother’s Day. We owe you so much and can never thank you enough.

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