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Three deserving families helped during the holiday season
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This week, The Hupman Real Estate Group KW presented a total of $1,500 to three families who were recipients of its 2019 Deserving Family Contest.

A $1,000 check and two $500 checks were distributed during the final contest of the 2019 campaign, according to director of client service, Dan Reeves. Previously, the Hupman Group gave out $1,000 checks to winners of the First Responder, Active Military, and Local Teacher contests.

As part of its mission statement at The Hupman Real Estate Group KW,  Reeves said "We not only 'Serve' our clients but also our neighbors and community. We are pleased to announce that we will continue these contests in 2020 and our goal is to partner with vendors and local businesses to create even greater prize money."

The winners of the Deserving Family Contest were not identified, but Reeves submitted their nomination letters.

$1,000 winner --

I would like to nominate the Savannah “Kindness Fairy” and her family for your Local Deserving Family Contest. This person leaves encouraging notes all around downtown Savannah and anywhere she goes for people to find. She signs these notes “Kindness Fairy.” She also meets up with other people in Forsyth Park just to give out “Free Hugs.” She and her kids will also go downtown or to a mall and just pass out flowers to people. She has a Facebook page under Kindness Fairy Project where you can see some of what she has done. She tries her best to put some kindness and love into the world and has heard from people who say how much it meant for them to find these notes.

What’s most amazing to me is that she continues to do this while being a single mother and working full time and training for another part time job and dealing with chronic pain issues. The best part is that she is teaching her 10 -year-old daughter and her 6-year-old son how to be kind to other people.  

$500 winner --

Gaby is a special education paraprofessional who loves her job but is struggling around the holiday season. She loves the children like her own and does not have much time to work her second job as a waitress due to the physical demands of her job. She has 3 kids to take care of as well. Her one son also has a birthday in December so it is tough during the holidays trying to juggle both jobs for extra cash as well as get her children to all their extracurricular activities. Any extra money she does have, she spends it on her students. She is very giving and would love for her to be given back to as well. Please consider Gaby.  

 $500 winner --

John and Tammy and their 4 children moved to a neighborhood so they could be in a place where they could help the neighborhood kids... have a good safe place to hang out. They have invested in the lives of their neighbors. In 2019 they were able to raise funds to go on a mission trip. Her to Haiti and him to Africa. They have such a heart for others to know about Jesus. Also in 2019, their youngest child (Age 4) has been sick and they haven’t been able to find out what is causing the infections and high fevers. They are currently having the added expense of having to rid their home of all plastic... to see if this helps. They are a very humble Family who love to serve others.  

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