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SLIDESHOW: Reader-submitted first day of school pics. Part 2
Jaden & Gracie Haynie, 2nd and 3rd grade, RHES
No information provided
Garrison Devine. kindergarten LPS.
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Siana Nelson MES, Ridge and Savanna Nelson RHMS.
Meekins family having a little fun
Madisyn, 2nd grade Lanier.
Davis Huff, 5th grade, Carver
Bryce Thomas, 6th grade, BCMS.
Madison, kindergarten, Lanier.
no information provided
McKinleigh Futch, 2nd grade LPS
Connor Hill, 3rd grade McAllister
Erin Hill, 7th grade, RHMS.
Bradley Hill, 9th grade, RHHS.
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Sydney Strickland, RHHS senior and Jake Strickland, 7th grade RHMS
Matthew RHHS senior
Liam 7th grade RHMS.
Jordyn and Caren Bausch (9th and 11th) RHHS.
Gage and Grant Roser, RHMS.
Cali Haganm 1st grade Lanier.
Briley, Brady and Dawson Greene
Brantlee 4th grade BCES.
Bradlee, 1st grade, Lanier