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Sheriff's blotter: Possible sexual assault, criminal trespass
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

A Frank Edwards Road woman reported Friday “she had gotten out of bed and started to go down stairs when she saw a man standing at the bottom of the stairs,” a report said.

The woman said the man attacked her and knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, she went to the bathroom, locked herself in and called 911.

While she was there, her son came home and searched the house, but couldn’t find anyone. When authorities arrived, the woman was checked by EMS abnd taken to Candler to be checked for injuries and possible sexual assault. Detectives took statements. A search in the area came up empty. BCSO is investigating.

Battery: A deputy was called to an Ellabell home Sunday “in reference to a domestic dispute where the male party was supposed to have smacked the female party,” a report said.

As he was headed that way, the woman called back and said she didn’t want anyone to come to her home, but was told “officers still had to come check things out.”

When the deputy got there, he found the woman had been drinking. She repeated her story, saying her husband had “smacked” her, but a son said “he heard them arguing and was trying to get some sleep when his mother came into his room and started fussing at him about her and her husband arguing. He said at no time did she mention that her husband had hit her.”

The deputy then talked to the husband, who “said he had been sitting there watching a movie with their new puppy sleeping on him and his wife started petting the dog and started fussing at him and he asked her to leave him alone so he could watch the movie,” the report said. “He said she got in his face yelling and cussing him and he told her to leave him alone and quit drinking.”

The husband said that made the wife even madder, “and she went and woke up her son and was yelling and cussing at him for not taking her side,” the report said. “He said she then called her daughter and next thing he knew she was calling for us to come out because he had hit her.”

The man said “at no time” had he hit his wife and “he just wanted her to leave him alone.”

Eventually, everyone agreed to go “to respective bedrooms to sleep,” and deputies left. “As deputies were clearing from the other call we were again dispatched to this residence with her causing the problem,” the report said. “(Her husband) videoed the incident and it showed(his wife) verbally abusing him and her son and making threats about having him arrested and locked up. When deputies went to speak with her she was passed out in her room.” The husband and son were told to keep the video “and on follow up procedures if they wanted to go that route.”

Shoplifting: A deputy was sent to a Parker’s on Highway 80 in Ellabell on Saturday regarding “a white middle aged female … (who) had stolen several candy bars, about $20 worth.” There’s video of the incident.

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