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Sheriff's Blotter: Man says he drank 'half of Toombs County'
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports.


DUI, more: A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address around 2:30 a.m. March 4 “in reference to a male passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle.” There, the deputy found a BMW sitting in the middle of the road in front of a house with a man “passed out with his foot on the brake and the vehicle still in drive."

The deputy parked his car in front of the vehicle and put the BMW in park, then went to wake up the driver.

“The driver woke up and tried to give me a fist bump,” the deputy reported. “I asked the driver to step out of the car and this took two or three times of asking before he knew what I was saying.”
The man had a hard time standing up once he got out and smelled strongly of alcohol.

“I asked (him) how much he had to drink tonight and his reply was, ‘half of Toombs County,’” the report said, noting the man said he’d been at a bar in Toombs County. “(The man) was acting a little like he was wanting to get out of there so I placed him under arrest ….”

A search of the car turned up “a small yellow bag containing a white crystal substance and a Smith and Wesson .38 special next to each other.” The 39-year-old man was arrested and taken to Richmond Hill Police Department for a blood draw. His car was towed. The white crystal substance turned out to be meth, the report said.


Cocaine possession: A deputy on patrol on Highway 17 near the interstate around 1 a.m. March 5 spotted an SUV come off the exit ramp, run the red light and nearly hit a vehicle. The deputy did a U-turn and went after the SUV, which eventually pulled into a gas station off Sommers Boulevard before stopping. Then the driver took off.

Since there was a woman and a juvenile in the car the deputy stayed with them while giving dispatch a description of the driver. The deputy described the woman as “not cooperative when asked her name and the name of the driver,” but the juvenile, ID’d as the woman’s daughter, said the driver was called Smurf.

A later search of the woman turned up “a small plastic bag with what appeared to be cocaine,” the report said, noting the woman was taken into custody without incident and the juvenile’s father was contacted to pick her up. He did, and told the deputy the woman’s correct name and date of birth and the name of the driver, who was spotted around 3:50 a.m. in the TA parking lot.

A foot chase followed, the driver was spotted going over a fence in a nearby motel, a deputy “gave pursuit, damaging a fence panel in the process.” The driver, meanwhile, was captured when “he attempted to run away (from a deputy) but tripped and fell.” He was taken to a deputy’s car, and then began to throw up. EMS was called to come check him out, then he was taken to St. Joseph’s with a deputy following for security.


Drugs, criminal trespass, more: A North Bryan business owner reported March 6 he’s had trouble with trespassers staying in storage units in his self-storage business. He gave BCSO the name of the “main offender,” and said the 42-year-old man was at the place now “and he would like him removed from the premises.”

A deputy followed the complainant back to the storage units and “did indeed encounter (a man and woman) living in the storage building. They had stolen electricity from a light fixture and were running items (air conditioner, phone charger) inside the storage unit using an extension cord wired into the safety light.”

As they were taken into custody, the deputy noticed a “hypodermic needle laying on a pillow next to a butane torch lighter,” and the man said there were no drugs in the unit because “he had just used what they had.” A second syringe was found in the woman’s backpack.

Both were arrested.


Public drunk: A 52-year-old man was arrested after deputies were sent to a North Bryan address around 7:30 p.m. March 6 to check out a report of “a person yelling in someone’s yard.”

On the way, they saw a man matching his description standing in the middle of Wilma Edwards Road.  He was obviously drunk, the report said, and had a preliminary breath test of .163. He was charged with public drunkenness and obstruction after he tried to resist being handcuffed.


Speeding, no license: A deputy clocked a pickup going 78 mph on Highway 204 near Morgan’s bridge around 6 p.m. March 6. After pulling the driver over and telling him why he’d been stopped, the deputy said the driver “advised in broken English he did not understand and he had no license.”

He was arrested. The pickup was towed.


 Drug charges: A 54-year-old woman faces multiple drug charges after she was pulled over on I-95 around 6:48 pm. March 4 for speeding and DUI. A search turned up a laundry list of things “commonly used for the consumption of marijuana,” ranging from rolling papers and smoking pipes to more than 300 small plastic bags, six glass jars with pot in it, smoked and unsmoked “cigarette type blunts,” THC oil and “27 small bags of suspected marijuana seeds.” A .22 derringer was also found near the driver’s seat, as well as ammunition, and some unlabeled pills. It was learned the woman was a convicted felon as well. She was arrested, and told deputies “that all items found were hers and not that of her passenger.”

Damage to property: A woman reported March 4 she was driving a minivan east on I-16 when “a turkey flew into their windshield.”
The deputy who responded noted it damaged the “entire passenger’s side of the windshield was damaged,” but neither she nor two children in the van were injured and the driver’s side of the windshield was fine. The deputy offered to call a tow truck, but the woman said her husband was coming with his truck to switch with her and he’d drive the vehicle home.



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