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RHPD reports: Woman says cleaning lady stalking her
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Matter of record: An officer was sent to an apartment on Kroger drive “in reference to a possible stalking complainant.”

There, the complainant said “the cleaning lady … had been in her apartment without permission. (Complainant) said that this has occurred several times and that she had spoken to both the manager and corporate offices regarding (the cleaning lady).”

The complainant said sometimes “she comes home very late, around midnight, and finds (the cleaning lady) wiping down the door frame of her apartment. (Complainant,) said that while (the cleaning lady) is a cleaning lady at the apartment complex, her hours end at 1700.”

The complainant also told the officer on “one occasion, (she) went to place an item outside her door, and discovered (the cleaning lady) at her door, both surprising and scaring her,” the report said. “(Complainant) said there have been numerous times when (the cleaning lady) inquires about whether or not she is going home. (Complainant) said that (the cleaning lady’s) behavior scares her and that she is worried about her safety.”

The officer gave the woman a case report “and advised her to continue to speak with corporate or seek the assistance of magistrate court.”

Matter of record: An officer was dispatched to southbound I-95 at exit 90 around 7:30 p.m. June 30 “in reference to a person pointing a shotgun at someone.” When the officer got to the interstate he saw an wreck, and turned around to help. There, “a male, later identified as (complainant) got out of the car and said that the male at the car in front of him pulled a shotgun on him. “

The officer went to talk to that man “and asked him about the shotgun.

(He) said it was secured in his trunk. (An RHPD sergeant) took possession of the shotgun until after the incident was over.”

Then, the man with the shotgun “said it was on the passenger side of his car and after the wreck he picked up from inside the car and moved it to his trunk to secure it. (He) said that at no time did he point the gun at anyone, or even raise the gun in a threatening manner.”

The complainant, meanwhile, “said that when the accident occurred (the man) got out of the car with a shotgun and pointed it at him,” the report said.

“(Complainant) said that he thought the driver was mad and wanted to hurt him. (Complainant) was crying, hysterically, during the entire time of the incident.”

No charges were filed.

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