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RHPD reports: Attorney ‘hired’ without knowing it
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill attorney reported Dec. 28 someone pretended to be him.

The Richmond Hill attorney said he got an email from another attorney asking if his office was representing a woman, and “(the Richmond Hill attorney) stated he was not aware of having spoken to or agreeing to represent (the woman).”

The local attorney then asked his staff to contact the woman, who said she wanted to hire him for an upcoming court case in Brunswick. She then reached out to a man claiming to be the Richmond Hill attorney through a Norcross phone number, and “the unknown male provided an email address (with the attorney’s name in it) and also a cashapp name (the attorney’s),” the report continued. “(The woman) then sent $400 via cashapp to this unknown subject.”

It was unclear how the woman got the phone number of the man who claimed to be the local attorney, but since the offense occurred outside RHPD’s jurisdiction the woman was told to contact authorities where she lived. Meanwhile, the local attorney wanted a police report “in the event that it occurs again.”

 Matter of record: A woman reported her car was stolen around 9 p.m. Jan. 1.

The woman said she spent New Year’s Eve at her neighbor’s and “that they were drinking and she ended up staying the night and slept on her couch.”

The woman said when she woke up she went back to her own apartment, but “mistakenly left her car keys,” at her friend’s. The woman said later she sent her kid to pick up the car keys at the woman’s apartment, but that woman wasn’t there and “she looked in the parking lot and her car was gone as well.” The woman said she’d given her friend permission to use the car in the past, “but she couldn’t recall giving her permission today to use the car,” and had “called and messaged (the friend) but she has not responded back.”

The officer said she couldn’t report the car stolen yet because she’d given the friend permission in the past. She was given a case number and told how to get the report.

Speeding: An officer running radar on I-95 around 3:35 p.m. Jan. 5 clocked a silver SUV going 104 mph and headed north near mile marker 86. He pulled the driver over and the driver, a New York woman, “advised she was having a personal female problem and needed to get to a bathroom.”

The officer in turn “advised (her) that she had passed two exits that had multiple locations she could have used the bathroom.”

He also gave her two tickets “due to the excessive speed and amount of traffic on the roadway during this time.”

Found property: An officer was sent to a Highway 17 address around 9 a.m. Jan. 4 after a man “leaving his neighborhood (Main Street subdivision) at around 0745, he noticed an object lying in the roadway at Harris Trail and Bristol Way. He discovered that the object was a black in color Glock 19 9 millimeter handgun.”

The gun, the report said, “appeared to have been run over by multiple vehicles, which resulted in damage all over the frame and slide.”

What’s more, the man told RHPD “the firearm was loaded when he found it, and found a second magazine lying in the roadway.

The second magazine also appeared to have been run over, and sustained significant damage.”

The man told RHPD he took the gun and magazine and went to work, then called Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office and they contacted RHPD.

The gun was secured.

Drugs: An officer reported a woman was arrested for meth on Jan. 3 after she and another woman were spotted crossing Highway 17 on foot toward a motel. The officer learned the women were both on probation and one tried to hide a bag of meth by tossing it on the ground and covering it with her shoe. At that time, the officer also learned of a man staying in a local motel who “had a large amount of meth in his room,” and “had been bragging to people that he had been in prison and was showing off the drugs.”

The man was described as a “short, white male with a short beard. He wore glasses and had short hair.” The officer reported he wanted to get a search warrant to search the room. In a separate report, the officer noted he got the search warrant and he, another officer and a detective searched the man’s motel room and found drugs and drug paraphernalia.

The man, who had a Maine address, was charged with trafficking meth.

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