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Naked woman allegedly destroys man's home, car
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Simple Battery/Domestic Violence Act

May 22 – All officers were dispatched to the area of Piercefield Drive in reference to a physical domestic violence incident with a possible weapon involved.

The fist officers to arrive spoke with a man who said that he and his wife had been in a fight. He said his wife grabbed him, tore his shirt and scratched him on the back of the neck. He also said she grabbed a butcher knife and pointed it at him. The man then said his wife told him she was not going to take anymore of his mouth and then ran into the bedroom with the knife and lay down beside the bed. The man said he then went outside and called 911.Officers did notice scrape marks on the back of the man’s neck but found no evidence the woman tried to harm him with the knife.

The officers then went and spoke with the woman. They recovered and secured the knife and the woman told them that she was tired of her husband belittling her, cursing at her and questioning her fidelity. She also said she was tired of her husband putting his hands on her.

An officer noticed bruises on the woman’s upper arm, and the woman said the bruises were about two days old and that she had not reported the incident. She said she grabbed the knife in the kitchen because she could not stand the situation anymore and was afraid. She said she had no intention of hurting her husband with the knife.

Due to the circumstances, the woman was arrested for simple battery and was taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Theft by Taking

May 22 – A woman came into the police department in reference to a vehicle theft. She told an officer she had allowed a friend to borrow her car a few days earlier and that he was scheduled to return the vehicle the next day. She said the vehicle had not been returned as she has expected.

The woman said she had tried to contact the man but was not successful. She said she was not concerned with the man’s responsibility until she heard he had been detained by police at Fort Stweart. The woman said she had heard from the man’s girlfriend that he had been arrested.

The woman said she had been contacted by her boyfriend about the car and said he arranged for another man to pick up the car. When asked about the whereabouts of the car, the girlfriend said she didn’t know.

The woman said she and the girlfriend had made several attempts at contacting the man who had the car but the man continues to say he doesn’t know where the car is.

The officer checked with Fort Stewart about the car and they had no record of the car being impounded there. Inquiries with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, as well as with Richmond Hill and Liberty County, also turned up with no information on the vehicle.

The car’s information was entered into the state database as stolen.

Domestic Issue

May 23 – Officers were dispatched to the area of Spruce Street in reference to a report of a verbal dispute. The officer spoke with a woman who said she and her boyfriend had been involved in an argument over the fact that the couple has two young children and that the man doesn’t have a job, a car and that they live with his mother. She said that during the argument he bit her on the arm.

The officers then spoke with the man, who was very upset, sobbing and speaking almost incoherently. The man acknowledged arguing with his girlfriend and biting her. He said he needed help and asked that he be taken to jail. The officers determined the man could be a threat to himself or his family and a decision was made to have him evaluated at Memorial Hospital. After a short time at the hospital, doctors decided to commit the man for a mental evaluation.


Criminal Damage to Property

May 25 – An officer was dispatched to the area of Cherokee Street in reference to a naked woman having ransacked the inside of a man’s home and was now lying in the front yard passed out. On the way to the home, the officer was told by dispatch that the woman was now awake again and was attempting to damage the complainant’s vehicle. When the officer arrived on the scene he noticed a naked woman located under the carport striking the front windshield of the complainant’s car.

The officer approached the woman and had her cover herself with a blanket. The woman appeared to be intoxicated and was having trouble keeping her balance. She was slurring her words, sobbing uncontrollably one moment and yelling and screaming the next.

The officer also noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from her. The officer tried to speak with the woman but could not determine from her what was going on.

The officer then spoke with the complainant who said he had left work earlier that morning and while on his way home got a call from a neighbor who said his girlfriend was going crazy at his home and was destroying things. The man said he thought it was a joke but when he arrived home he discovered his home in disarray.

The kitchen had what looked like flour thrown throughout with other items on the floor, including a toaster and glassware. There were also several small holes in one of the kitchen walls. There were clothes and some type of metal thrown about as well. Two windows at the front of the house were broken with what looked to be a metal wheel from a car. There was also heavy damage to the windshield of the man’s car from when the woman was smashing it when the officer arrived.

The woman was placed under arrest and taken to the police department. While en route, the officer called EMS to have the woman checked out because he noticed a cut on one her fingers and some small cuts on her knees. EMS treated the woman and after refusing to be taken to the hospital was taken to the Bryan County Jail.

All information compiled from reports on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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