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Police still look for clues
Authorities continue the search for the killer of Pembrokes James Young nearly three months after h

The yellow crime scene tape has begun to blow away from the fence surrounding James Young’s Rogers Road house in Pembroke.

It’s been nearly three months since the 66-year-old Pembroke man was found dead in his home. The red-lettered evidence tape still seals home’s white screen door.

Pembroke police found Young dead the morning of Nov. 10 after someone called to request a welfare check at his home. Pembroke police quickly brought the Georgia Bureau of Investigation into the search for answers about the apparent murder.

Answers, however, have not been found.

Young’s murder remains unsolved, officials aren’t offering any information and a community of roughly 3,000 is left wondering what happened.

James Jackson, a two-year neighbor of Young’s, said they would wave and talk about the day, but Young "mostly kept to himself."

Young’s mother used to live a few houses down, Jackson said, but she went to live with a daughter in Savannah after his death.

Jackson, a Pembroke resident for 17 years, said he finds it "strange no one’s been caught yet," but that "the neighborhood and streets have been quiet."

"In a small town, you basically find out who did what. I’m home all the time, and I’ve heard nothing. No one is talking." Jackson said.

"You think about it, though, when you walk out the door." He said as the cool February drizzle pattered on the wooden front porch of his home Monday.

Pembroke Mayor and resident Judy Cook said she couldn’t comment on the ongoing investigation and any information would have to come from the official office handling it, the GBI.

"Anything I said would be speculation." Cook said.

GBI Special Agent in Charge Chuck Sullenger said Tuesday that the GBI "has stuff going on, but nothing that can be released right now."

He said any details released might ultimately hurt the prosecutors’ case, and they hope the withheld details will eventually help single out a suspect. The theory being a suspect would give information known only by being there.

"It’s not a dead issue, by any stretch of the imagination." Sullenger said. "We’re going at it hard and heavy."

Anyone with potential information please contact GBI Special Agent in charge Chuck Sullenger at (912) 871-1121 or the Pembroke Police at 653-4414.


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