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Police seek Richmond Hill man
Two arrested for burglary
Gary Allen Bradshaw

Police are asking for the public’s help in locating Richmond Hill resident Gary Allen Bradshaw, 37. Bradshaw is accused of fighting police, threatening to stab them with an infected hypodermic needle and fleeing from the scene.

Savannah police say they stopped Bradshaw and an unidentified man Monday night when the two were riding bicycles in downtown without headlights, which is a violation of a city ordinance.

Bradshaw reportedly got physical with the officers upon being frisked for weapons. Bradshaw then allegedly pulled out a needle, said he had multiple diseases and threatened to stab the officers with it before fleeing the scene.

The release said one of the officers was treated by EMS on scene for pepper spray and the other officer was treated at the hospital for a leg injury.

According to the release, Bradshaw is known to frequent Shuman’s Trailer Park in Richmond Hill, St. John’s Avenue in Savannah and the East Savannah area and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Call Savannah Crimestoppers at 234-2020 if you have information on Bradshaw.


Two arrested for burglary

Richmond Hill police arrested and charged two Chatham County residents for allegedly burglarizing a Sterling Woods residence on Feb. 6. Police say they have been linked to thefts in the Buckhead subdivision as well.

According to RHPD Det. Dana Strickland, a neighbor’s maid at Sterling Woods reported the burglary when she was in the back yard and heard glass breaking. She saw the suspects and gave police a description of their vehicle.

Strickland said Port Wentworth resident Tracy Nicole Burnsed and Savannah resident James Frances Dowell, who were staying in a room at the Richmond Hill Motel 6 at the time, threw a boulder through the back window of the victim’s home and entered the home to take a lap top computer.

RHPD Sgt. Luke Harris was driving to the scene when he passed the described vehicle on Hwy. 144. Harris initiated a traffic stop and found the lap top as well as packaging from two UPS packages allegedly removed from two Buckhead homes. One package contained an Alltel cell phone while the other was a Valentine’s card and candy. Burnsed was also cited for a traffic violation.

Burnsed posted a $26,000 bond Monday while Dowell is being held due to outstanding warrants in Chatham for similar charges.


From Richmond Hill police reports:

Jan. 30 – Cops were dispatched to Laurel Hill Circle to mediate a dispute between neighbors. Officer Trip Meacham spoke to a woman who said her husband was pressure washing their house and water accidentally was sprayed upon their neighbor’s windows. The irate neighbor reportedly stormed up to her husband and told him "his wife needed to come over and clean off her windows." The man refused to comply and, a few minutes later, the neighbor allegedly grabbed her own garden hose and sprayed the man down. When Meacham asked the neighbor about it, she said the two families have been having trouble getting along for four years. The incident was recorded as a matter of record.

Jan. 29 – An intoxicated homeless man was reportedly asking McDonald’s customers for money. The manager told police several customers were complaining about being harassed by the man. The man was tested for alcohol and arrested for public drunkenness.


Jan. 29 – Cpl. Brian Martin responded to a local Chinese drive-through restaurant when a theft was reported there. The employee informed Martin that two male teenagers pulled up to the window and asked to use the phone to verify an order. The employee said the two drove off with the phone.


Jan. 27 – A woman who lived on Summer Hill Court walked into the station and informed police that her neighbors were allowing their dog to relieve itself in her yard without cleaning up after it.


Jan. 25 – A man residing in Rushing Street Station told police someone came into his yard and spray painted yellow streaks along his black Chevy Blazer. He said he suspects some juveniles from the subdivision.


Jan. 22 – Officer Wendell Jarrell spoke with a man on Evergreen Oak Drive who said someone threw ice cream on his car and had done the same thing about a week prior.


Jan. 22 – A male and female Waffle House employee were reportedly involved in verbal altercation at work that turned physical. According to the report, when the male picked up the phone to inform management of the war of words, the female employee slapped him and tried to hit him with a skillet. The male employee then told police he put her in "bear hug" to restrain her. After that, the female then reportedly threatened him while wielding a butter knife before being escorted out by witnesses. While leaving the restaurant, the woman reportedly screamed "This ain’t over. I’m going to get some people and come back." The male employee told police he did not want to pursue criminal charges but wanted the incident on record.


Jan. 21 – A Waffle House waitress told police she had gotten a $5 tip from a man and tucked it into her apron without paying much attention. She called the cops when she pulled it out at the end of her shift to see that it was counterfeit. She gave a description of the man and his vehicle.

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