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Pembroke reports sewage spills
Rain, storm, generator issue leads to separate spills
Pembroke seal

The recent heavy rain is starting to take its toll.

Pembroke reported a 55,000 gallon raw sewage spill occurred Friday morning at the city’s No. 1 lift station at 144 W. Industrial Blvd, and a separate minor spill of 5,000 gallons at its No. 7 lift station at Harry Hagan Road also took place.

Heavy rain and storms led to the spills, according to according to City Administrator Alex Floyd, who said in the larger spill the amount of rain overwhelmed the lift station’s pumping capacity. The second spill was caused when a power outage due to storms led to a generator failure.

Nearly six inches of rain has fallen in the last week, according to The Weather Channel. About 2.2 inches fell Thursday.

In both cases, the sewage went into tributaries of Mill Creek. Floyd said the stations are operating normally again and crews are working to clean up the spills.

On April 20, Pembroke reported a 1,000 gallon spill at the city’s No. 1 lift station. It too was caused by heavy rain, the city said. 

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