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Pembroke awarded $750,000 to upgrade sewer system
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The City of Pembroke was selected as one of the 50 cities awarded a Community Development Block Grant by the Georgia Dept of Community Affairs. 

The grants range from $300,000 to $1,000,000 and can be spent for a variety of purposes but nearly 75% of cities applied on behalf of their water and sewer systems.

 Pembroke will be addressing large sections of its system that consist of terra cotta clay pipe and relining or replacing it with PVC. “Much of the clay pipe is the original city sewer system rapidly approaching or past it’s 60th birthday. It’s cracking, it’s full of roots, it’s leaching groundwater, it’s time for it to retire.” said City Administrator Alex Floyd.

“As lines, manholes and taps are made more efficient, our treatment facility will not be treating clean groundwater (referred to in the grant as inflow and infiltration) meaning less energy use, longer lifespans on equipment and chemicals, reduced risk of spills and overflow and most importantly more affordable rates passed down to the consumer.”

Engineering and project design will begin as soon as possible with the City’s engineer, M.E. Sack of Hinesville and the City hopes to begin “breaking ground” in January of 2021.

 Cities are eligible to apply for Community Development Block Grants every other year. The application is completed by city staff and longtime partner-consultant Associates in Local Government Assistance in Alma, Georgia.

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