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Jurors to report on April 19
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NOTICE: TRIAL Jurors were drawn by Bryan County Clerk of Court Becky Crowe this 2nd day of April, 2010 for the April Term of the Bryan County State Court.
Trial Jurors are to report April 19, at 8:15 a.m.
If your name appears on this list and you DID NOT RECEIVE A SUMMONS BY MAIL OR WAS NOT SERVED BY A SHERIFF’S DEPUTY, please contact the Clerk of Superior Court office at (912) 653-3872 to verify your mailing address and contact information, Also, due to the possibility of cases being resolved prior to jury selection, please call the Clerk’s office after 5:00pm on the evening prior to your reporting date to confirm that your attendance is still required. No compensation will be paid to jurors unless the jury pool is actually impaneled.
Jurors are to report April 19, 2010 at 8:15 a.m. at the Bryan County Courthouse before Honorable Jack E. Carney, Jr. are as follows:
Scott Adams
Sherri Adams
Joanne I. Akins
Margaret F. Allen
Wilton G. Andrews Jr.
Glenn Kenneth Bacon
Roy P. Bacon
William Eugene Bacon
Penny L. Bacot
Brett S. Barnard
Ruby S. Barnard
Karen Ann Barrett
Gary Wayne Bashlor
Sandra Leigh Blitchington
Jeanette Lopez Boyle
Ferra Jane Brown
Richard Brown Sr.
Patsy P. Bush
Shelly N. Butler
Connie J. Carlton
Ida R. Clark
Philip Clifton
Victoria M. Cole
Martha A. Coleman
Shirley Collins
Theresa P. Coples
Steven Warren Cowart
Robert A. Creech Sr.
James H. Curl
Myron W. Davis
Bonnie Delzell
Anita Lavonnia Dilmar
Daniel Diorio
Debra A. Dixon
Linda F. DuBois
Brannen Michael Edwards
Mary Ann Edwards
Jerry Jefferson Elders
Erin Marlene Fountain
Barbaro O. Freeman
Janell M. Fuller
Ellis James Gaines
Charles M. Garrett
Thomas Alan Garrett
Bonnette I. Glisson
Greig D. Golden
Joyce Suenell Greene
Frank Hutchens Grimm
Christina Gwiazdzinski
Susan S. Harvey
George Irby Heaton
Kenneth J. Herndon
Ricky L. Hills
Mary E. Hines
Russell Glenn Hodges
Justine Hollmen
Wyatt Patrick Hughes
Kenneth A. Jordan
Larry I. Kangeter
Patricia L. Keplinger
Larry J. Lane
Cartrice L. Lavant
Jewell Susan Lee
Ursula Lee
Patricia A. Lewis
Samuel Livington Sr.
Terry Frank Lloyd
John Mark Long
Johnnie Pearl Louder
Carmen R. Lynes
Jennifer H. Marcotte
Mary Evelyn Martin
Robert E. May
Deadra Nicole Miles
Natasha Monique Miller
Gayla D. Moore
Paul David Nott
Shannon Nunn
Michael Douglas Oneal
Dorethea Phillips Peters
Kurt Ralph Rice
Marc Lane Riggleman
Tommy Gordon Rogers
Davida Denise Scriven
Chester Sheffield III
Alice W. Sheplar
Darlene B. Shuman
Roy Lee Shuman
Sharon Kay Shuman
Theresa Sikes
Beatrice B. Simmons
Polly Ann Sims
Vernon Sims
Wendy Lee Sims
Sharon R. Singleton
Idella Smith
Linda A. Smith
Sarah Lawrence Smith
Barbara Kay Speir
Mitchell W. Spell
Richard S. Tatum
Gary Johnson Taylor
Sara L. Thomasson
William Oren Todd
Melanie W. Tyler
Beverly Henderson Vest
George Fredrick Vest
C. Bryan Walker
James A. West
Nancy W. Wood

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