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FMES students let Santa know what they want for Christmas

It’s time for one of the Bryan County News’ favorite things –the annual Letters To Santa feature. Letters are courtesy of the students and teachers at Frances Meeks Elementary School and principal Dr. Brittney Mobley.

All the ones we received are included. And though letters have been edited in some cases for spelling and grammar, and in other cases left alone (particularly when toys are described), they’re presented to you and Santa as we got them.

 Not all letters were signed, and not all the names were legible, though we think Santa can read them.

 Finally, we hope you get as much joy out of reading them as the editor did typing them up and putting them on the page. Merry Christmas. 

From: Mrs. Toller’s 5th grade class:

 Dear Santa, This Christmas I want a kickerball (soccer ball that curves), a rival curve shot, and for Alabama to win the national championship! Well, no luck needed! I would also like new cleats! The reason I deserve this is because with the curveball, I could practice cool shots! Also, with the rival curve shot I could use it to hit my friends when they’re at hard spots. Lastly, I would want new cleats so I could move in kick better in soccer! These are my reason I deserve these toys! Sincerely, Connor Morris, 10.

Dear Santa Claus, How are you doing? I’m guessing good I mean you’re Santa. But any way I think I have been pretty good this year and all I really really really want this year is a phone. Let me guess every kid wants a phone this year but the phone I really want is an iPhone a or 10. I’m not trying to be greedy but at least a 9 please Santa. If you can’t get me a phone I am really into shoes and clothes too. Your best kid, Tenley M.

 Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like black Converse. I would also like a Tamagotchi, a stuffed animal, and any other toys. I believe I should get black Converse because my current shoes have holes in them. I believe I should get a Tamagotchi because I have always wanted one. Finally, I believe I should get a stuffed animal because I have always loved them. PS. I did not add much because I did not know what to get. Surprise me! Your favorite kid on the nice list, Alexis D. Cutler.

 Dear Santa, I love Christmas it is my favorite holiday and I want a gaming mic arm so I can do better in YouTube and I think I’m doing good in YouTube and it will help me in YouTube. Respectfully, By Adrian Gonzalez.

Dear Santa, Christmas is a holiday of joy, gift-giving, and families reuniting. In honor, I wish for pajamas, a new phone (most likely a iPhone XR), and new room décor. It isn’t “as” much, but I really desire these 3 presents. Now, I know its not that easy to receive numerous gifts all at once. So, here's why I should get my wishes granted. First, I get great grades! (As, 6’s). Which means I pay attention in class. My room’s clean, and so is my bathroom. Come on Santa, its only 3 gifts. Yours Truly Elizabeth Tapia.

 Dear Santa, I have been told that every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. I have not put up my elf but you can watch me. My favorite thing about Christmas is you get to travel with family. My wish list for Santa is that I want a gymnastics mat to be a cheer leader! Your kiddo, Rosie Bertagnolli.

 Dear Santa, I have been SUPER good this year. So, I most definitely deserve an iPhone. I am SUPER responsible so I can be trusted with it. Next, I want Ballet Barre workout equipment Bundle- Brantonfitness. I deserve this because I work REALLY hard in dance classes. (I do 5 classes) Lastly, I want a Macbook pro. I deserve it because I will probably need one for middle school. My current one broke because its old, and I take care of my things. Your nice kid, Jaynah Southworth.

 Dear Santa, As you probably know I want many things for Christmas. However, I mostly want Leopard Geckos. I want these because, a few weeks ago my sister lost a lizard she wanted to keep. I felt really bad for her. So I know she would be very happy to keep them. Also, because they’re low maintenance. So, I believe I can take care of them. From Kaylee Henderson.

 Dear Santa, I’ve been told that most fish are cute so … Thank you for spending your nightly coffee time for kids. You should get me a fish because I did all of my chores and I help my little brother do everything. This is my most wanting thing I wish for. So, when I might gone Christmas day your elves can feed little fishy fishy. Your kiddo, Ava Saltourides.

 Dear Santa This Christmas I would like to see all of my family and spend the day with them I have not seen so many people. For Christmas I would want a new dirt bike. We had to sell my old bike and I don’t have one anymore. That is really the only thing I want. The reasons I think I deserve it is because I have good grades in school I have been listening to things that I have been told to do. These are the things I want for Christmas. Sincerely, Carson Rodriguez.

 Dear Santa, I would really like a hover board or a new soccer backpack because my soccer backpack that I have now it does not have a lot of space so I can’t fit a lot of stuff in it and its supposed to be used as a baseball bag or softball. Also my sister broke the hover board I had so now I don’t have one and I think they’re really cool and fun. I deserve at least one of them because first when I travel for soccer games its easier just to put it in a bag that is big enuf. Next for the hover board it can help me get my chores done faster and my parents wont have to worry about me getting bored because I’ll have a hover board. Your kiddo, Karley Schutltz.

 Dear Santa, I would like new soccer cleats, or an apple iPhone 8. I want new cleats because my old ones are worn down. I also want a new apple iPhone 8 because sometimes I travel for soccer and I need some way to contact my parents. I promise that the phone won’t distract me. I think I’ve been good this year. There is one question about your reindeer. Where did you find them? Your best kiddo, Viola Perkinson.

 Dear Santa, It’s that time of the year again. I would want only a few things. I want a book called Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker. I also want a book called A Map to the Sun by Sloane Leong. I think I deserve these books because I’ve been doing my chores and taking care of my dog without not listening. I’ve also been doing good in school. Your best kid, Isabella Davis.

 Dear Santa, This year I would like, possible, a dog or cat, and a few books. I’d like a dog or cat, so I wouldn’t be so bored. Also, my piano teacher has 3 dogs, and cat. I also want some books. The books I want are “Making Bombs for Hitler,” “Don’t Tell the Nazis,” and “Trapped in Hitlers Web.” All by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch. I want these books, since they’re about World War II (WW2). These are all the things I want for Christmas this year. I hope you’ll bring these for me! Sincerely, San Lun.

 Dear Santa, I have been waiting for this day for months. It is my favorite day of the year. I have a Christmas list that I’ve wanted to show you. All I want for Christmas is a new iPad. The reasons that I want a new iPad is to call my friends, play games, and putt my Braves sticker on it. I used to have one but it broke. That is what I want for Christmas . Please can I get a knew one. Sincerely, Walt.

 Dear Santa, If you can I would like a chrome book because I had one and I loved it, but, my mom lost it. Also, I have been really good. I’ve been keeping my grades up. I’ve also been helping out around the house. I will stop bugging my dad for the tv remote. I know your probably busy, but, if you can try your best, I’d be really happy. Thank you. Sincerely, Logan Frye 71 words.

From Mrs. Hicken’s third grade class:

 Dear Santa Did you know that I love math? Did you know that I like video games? I would please like a Super Mario Party superstars for Christmas because I helped my neighbor’s dog to go back to them, and I do the dishes. I’m really proud of how good I am at math because I know a lot of math concepts and I am still learning more things. Why do you eat cookies?? Thank you for giving me presents each year. Sincerely, Ronin Wickline.

 Dear Santa, How long does it take to be done? Thank you Santa making my family happy. Am excited about Cristmas. I[‘m proud of my mom because my mom been working hard. Marry Cristmas, Brandon Eby.

 Dear Santa, What did the little penguin say when he bumped into the dolphin. Sorry I didn’t do it on porpise! Santa what I want for Christmas is smiles on all of the boys and girls faces on Christmas Eve because if children are not happy nobody will be happy and it would not be a good Christmas! Santa how do you get to every house in one night? Merry Christmas Brooklyn Norrman.

 Dear Santa, Can you believe that Chipy hanged tissue paper on my chandelier? Can I please have a toy elf that looks like Chipy? I deserve it because I have been good all year. I think you are lucky to have Chipster, Snowflake, and Sprinckls. How do you get inside all the houses that do not have chimnyes? Merry Christmas from Aubrey Taylor.

 Dear Santa, Did you know they are saving turtles from being dead by making plant straws. What I want is my family and joy. I will take care of my family and spread the Joy. Santa can one of your Elves come over please? If you do, thank you! Merry Christmas, Santa. Leyla Velez.

 Dear Santa, Here is a joke why was six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine! Hah ha! Oh can I tell you what I want for Christmas? The expansion pass for Pokemon’s world why I beat the game so I want the expansion pass. So can I ask a question how many elfs do you have? Sincerely, Aspen (last name illegible).

Dear Santa, Did you know I used to have a snow globe collection? The first thing I want is a drone with a camera. The second thing is an oculus. Now, I will give you reasons why I deserve these things, the reason I deserve a drone with a camera is because if one of my friends are tripped and landed on a tree root I wouldn’t run away I would stay and help them. The reason I deserve an oculus is when my little sister is playing with her friends I don’t disturb them like some people would who just like to torment their little sisters, but I just check on them. Santa are you excited about your cookies. I’m excited about my presents. Thank you for giving people presents. Your friend, Aiden Garza.

Dear Santa, Did you know I “am 4 foot 10 in. tall?” Here’s what I want for Christmas. I want an iPhone 13 because have been a good boy. I want a nerf gun because I have been good and will not get in trouble with it. How cold is it there? Sincerely, Hutchison Solomon.

 Dear Santa, Did you know I am good at putting ornaments on the tree? I want some gardening seeds for my garden. I think I should get seeds because I help my little brother and help my mom take the dishes out of the dishwasher. I am proud of helping my family. And I am excited about Christmas. Merry Christmas, Logan Karsten.

Dear Santa, How do you get in the house’s with no chimneys? the only thing that I want for Christmas is my very own Weiner dog. I think I deserve that weiner dog because if it pees I’ll clean it up. Thank you see you on Christmas day. You freind, Wyatt Mcdowall.

 Dear Santa, Could I have a jumbo pop-it and could I please have a slushy? Happy Christmas I hope you have a good day. Merry Christmas, Trey McKee.

 Dear Santa, Hey do you want to hear a joke where do elves keep their money? A snowbank. For Christmas I would like a Kermit the Frog puppet and a Lego set of any kind. And I earned those because I was: thoughtful, caring, respectful, and I stand up for people. How many cookies do you want? And what types. Sincerely, Joeseph Price Cirimele.

 Dear Santa, What is a cow with no lips? A oo cow. I would like Rainbow high dolls because I will not play on electronics that much. Why do you go ho ho ho? Thank you for the elves. Merry Christmas! Your friend Alexandra M. 

Dear Santa, Do you know that my family is having very bad luck since we hit that deer in the car. For Christmas what I want is 20,000 vbucks and my family to get happier please I want these things because I want my family to be not frustrated and act like nothing ever happened. I’m excited for you to give me this present and happiness thank you. Merry Christmas Sean M. 

Dear Santa, Can you believe Christmas is so close. 2 things I want for Christmas are BNG Drive and a new tablet. Thank you for giving us stuff every Christmas! Your friend Jack Manchester.

 Dear Santa, What’s white and goes up? A confused snowflake. I would like a dog, please. I’m responsible, I’ll get up at 12:00 a.m. if I have too. We would have so much fun please. I can’t wait for Christmas. How do you go all around the world in one night. Thank you for my bike from last year, Sincerely, Anna Newman.

 Dear Santa, Do you know it has only snowed once since I moved here to Wicklow dr? For Christmas I would like a cook book because then I can help my make yummy food for my family. Also I’m so excited to go to my auntie’s house and see my aunts, my cousin, grand ma, and my grandpa! Thank you for sending Lovey! Merry Chrismas Abby Watson 

Dear Santa, Knock, knock. Whos there? Cabin? Cabin who? Cabin cocoa Christmas! I hope you can get me these gifts. First, I want a phone. Mom and dad will see that I won’t put it down after a day. The gift I want is a 150 Popit set and figers. I am excited about Christmas how can you make all these presents? Best wishes, Merry X’smas, Brecker.

 Dear Santa Did you know our elf did nothing today? Santa for Christmas I would like a Star Wars Lego set and to have a real Christmas tree. I deserve it because I’ve been good. I also deserve a real tree because we all ways have a real tree. Santa how can you go all around the world in one night? Santa thank you for always coming. Unsigned.

 Dear Santa, Did you know that you can tell an age of a grown mountin goat by looking at the rings that are on their horn? I want for Christmas a iPad charger and a snow day in Pennsylvania. I deserve these because I finally closed the garage door and I helped my dad do something. I am excited to go to Pennsylvania. Your friend Wyatt Radinick.

 Dear Santa, Did you know I am going skiing in a month? I am so excited. Can I have a gas powered dirt bike for Christmas? I think I should have gas powered dirt bike is because I have been doing good in school. I also want a vbucks card. I think I should have a vbucks card because I have been nice to my next door neighbors. I am excited to go on a plane to Salt Lake City and it is basically across the whole world. Also what do elves learn at the north pole elementary school? Sincerely, your friend Cason Taft.

 Dear Santa, Did you know that I am good at baseball. For Christmas I want a big pack of baseball cards I also want a big Lego set. I need a big pack of baseball cards because I like collecting them, and I want a big Lego set because I don’t have any. I am proud that I got a good score on my test. You’re so good at giving presents. Thank you for all the presents. Marry Christmas Santa. Rider Mark Ritzema.

 Dear Santa, I am excited for Christmas I hope I have been good this year. For Christmas I want, fortnite V-bucks and for my family to get along. I think I deserve this because I think I am good enough. Did you know that I am a true believer, thank you for all of the presents! I am thankful for you Santa.

Believe in Santa! Your friend Graysin Spetz Dear Santa, Can you believe my dad was able to get an elf? Can I please get an omg doll for Christmas? If you’re thinking why do I deserve an omg doll, this is why, you know how hard I work in school. (Flip to see more on back.) I work my butt off every day. Thank you for all the cool presents you give me. Your friend, Emi.

 Dear Santa, What do elves learn in school? The elfabet. For Christmas I want a kitten. I have been really good this year and I would give the kitten food and water and I would be super responsible. I’m excited about Christmas where we get to celebrate Jesus’s birth and open presents. Thank you Santa for giving me gifts. Unsigned 

Dear Santa: Do you believe I’ll be in Columbia in December 9th? Christmas list: Santa I am wishing for nothing for Christmas just give me what you want or bring me nothing actually, it’s your choice I just want joy for Christmas. Oh and Santa I just wanted to say that thank you, thank you for making Christmas in life. Yes, you’re the one who made Christmas. Thank you! From Sada Ramos .

 Dear Santa, Did you know you can melt ice with your breath? I want slime and a Nerf Blaster for Christmas. I deserve them because I feed the dog in the morning and I play with good friends. I’m proud of all the friends I’ve made. I like your red suit. It’s my favorite color. Thank you for all those presents. Merry Christmas Makalo Jones.

 Dear Santa, Did you know the word for penguin in Mandarin is (looks like an up arrow next to a #), which translates roughly to “business goose.” What I want for Christmas is a Lego set and new bed cover. 1 reason why I want the Lego set is because I take out the trash and recycle every Wednesday. Why I want the bed cover is because the last one you gave me is almost a year old. I have one question, how do you deliver all those gifts in one night? Your friend, Javion Burns.

 Dear Santa, What happened to the elf that stood behind Vixen? He got a big kick out of it. Santa this year I really want a puppy so my dog Duke can have a friend because he is getting old. And a phone so if something bad happens I can call 911 or my mom and dad. This year I am excited to spend time with my family and my elf. Merry Christmas Addison Chaltry.

Dear Santa, Did you know Christmas is not the only holiday that gives presents there's also Hanukkah day so I would like a pair of shoes (sneakers) I also would appreciate a booster pack of pokemon The reason I deserve those presents is because I say thank you and ask if somethings wrong, if someone looks down I’m excited for my friends birthday party on the eleventh. Thank you for reading my letter Sincerely Brandon B .

Dear Santa, I have a joke! Why did the Robot cross the road? Because it was controlled by a chicken! The one thing I want for Christmas is a hover board. I think I deserve a hover board because I do chores I’m kind and helpful. I’m excited about Christmas and how do you get to everybody’s house in time. Thank you for the nerf gun from last year. Your friend, Elijah James.

 Dear Santa, Did you know that I actually have another cat. For Christmas I only wnt 2 things, Legos and my family and I deserve these things because my Dad says Legos are good for me because it is creative. And I deserve my family because I am a good person. Guess what Santa? I made my goal in math and I passed my goal in reading. Thank you Santa for all the toys! Merry Christmas Santa, love, Avalon Dear Santa, ?What falls every year? !Snow! Santa you don’t have to give me these you can give me anything that comes to mind. Please get me makeup because my other one broke mine (she broke it) and I really help my friends when I can and I try my best in everything I do! Also I need underwear because I have only five pairs (all my others rubbed). I’m really proud of you because you make kids happy. Thank you for reading my letter! Warm coco, Alyssa.

 Dear Santa, Did you know I don’t physical gift? I would like happiness for every one and a Christmas elf. I have done so much good I could not count. When I do a good deed I feel like I’m truly happy. Thank you for giving the Masaniai a merry Christmas. Your friend, Oliver Masaniai

Dear Santa, Did you know my favorite holiday is Christmas? I love Christmas because it is the best holiday some things that I really want are a Nintendo because I broke mind on my bday and I want a bearded dragon because I can be responsible with it + care for it + feed + give it water your friend Wyatt (illegible).

 Dear Santa Did you know my favorite Christmas song is Rudolf the Red nosed reindeer. For Christmas I want a sword and shield pokemon big booster. 1st reason is I like to collect Pokemon cards 2nd reason is I like to open boosters Pokemon card packs Sincerily, Luke Tillman.

 Dear Santa, Can you believe I can do a handstand and put my feet together? I would like my family to be happy and for it to snow please. I deserve them because I help my friends and I helped my mom & dad. I am excited a lot about my cheer camp (illegible)! Do you have a wife and children? Thank you for my family’s love. Merry Christmas, Emmy Tuten.

 Dear Santa Did you know that Jesus’ birthday is on Christmas Day? Anyway, what I want for Chrismas is a hover board. The reason I want a hoverboard is because my friend (name cut by editor) wont let me ride hers and she is not nice. The second thing I want for Christmas is a figet pack the reason I want a figet pack is because I have only 5 figets at home. I hope you get goodnight sleep. PS. I will give you oreos this year. Your friend Ella Booth.

 Dear Santa I want a four wheeler I think I deserve it because I can get to my friends faster. I want pokemon because I’m a collector and I can trade them. I think I deserve a phone because if I’m lost I can call you. From Ian Rohlik.

 Dear Santa What was making all that noise in the stockings? The rapping paper! Funny right? For Christmas I want NBA 2k22 please I think I deserve it because I’m doing good in school. I think it is cool you give people presents. Merry Christmas From Yannick Mayers.

 Dear Santa, I missed Andy so much and I’ve been kinda good this year, and I’ve been helping others a lot. I’ve been doing good on my work, and I can’t wait until you get here, and I might have on the thing that tells us where you are at. Love Lanee Tuten .

Dear Santa, What do you call an elf that drinks too much hot chocolate? A cocoa-nut. I want a hover board and happiness for my familDey. I want a hoverboard because I will share it with my friends! I am excited about moving. I like your outfit. Thank you for bringing me things, so merry Christmas, Kenzie McGee.

Dear Santa, What do you call an elf that drinks too much hot chocolate? A cocoanut! What I want for Christmas is Buket hats and Anime clothing. Because I want to look like a girl. I am excited when my mom cuts hair why do you live in the North Pole? Merry Christmas Peyton Bordelmay.

 From Mrs. Spurlin’s third grade class: 

Dear Santa, Merry Christmas! I want it to be school break. I have been plenty good this year. Love, (illegible) 

Dear Santa, Hi, Santa My name is Addy Barfield. I have been good this year. For Christmas is a pair of crocs tie die crocs, because I never had crocks before. Also have a Merry Christmas thank you for Noel our Elf. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I have always wanted to see you. Love, Addy.

 Dear Santa, My name is Braely. I have been good the best I can this year. What I want is a camera and a new skooter too. I want a now skooter because my old won broke. Also I want a pet puppy for Roger to play with. a new wildcat shirt also. Mary Christmas and I want it to please snow for Christmas this year. To Santa frum Braely B.

Dear Santa, Hi. My name is Knox I have been good this year. I want a P25 for Christmas because I love playing Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Mincraft. Rudolf would love to play with my dogs. Merry Christmas Love, Knox Sherrod.

 Dear Santa It’s me Sylvie I’ve tried my best this year to be as good as possible. And I’m only going to tell you the things I really want. The first, thing is a iPhone but I will only call my mom and dad. I also want a (illegible, but Santa can figure it out) a Nintendo switch, Jumbo popit, Lego friends friendship house and a new car that fits me and Ellakate and Maddie can drive. Love, Sylvie Hampton.

Dear Santa, Hi my name is Braylee I have tried to be good this year. What I really want for Christmas is a Jumbo Popit … (Santa will be able to read the other things on Braylee’s list, this editor couldn’t) and I hope you have a good year. Love, Braylee.

 Dear Santa I am not asking for to much present I like to sellberate Christmas. One thing I’m asking for phone. I am so excited bye. Love, Drew Pflibsen.

 Dear Santa Hi, My name is Will R. I have tried to be good this month. For Christmas I want candy and a x box and pS5. Love Will R.

 Dear Santa, My name is Maxwell. I tried to be good this year. I want a Black lab puppy, a drown (?) and a new fishing rod thank you verey much Love, Max Young.

 Dear Santa my name is Hayden C. I have tried to be good this year. For Christmas, I would love to have a viylin for Christmas and I also want a live puppy. I want a phone. Merry Christmas Santa. Thank you Santa for all you do. I’m so grateful for you Marey Christmas!!! Love Hayden C.

Dear Santa Hi, my name is Gwyneth I have tried to be good this year. For Christmas, I would like figit pack because I do not have a lot. I would also like for a picture of my family with a frame with you on it. The last that I would lick is socks with my face on theme. Love, Gwyneth L.

Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Kami. I have tried to be good this year. For Christmas, I would love a real life kitten because my other cat anna is getting verry old. Also I would love some Jumbo Pop-Its. Thank you Santa for having so much love and kindness in your heart. Well you know you bring joyfulness too not ownly me but everyone! Love, Kami Wilcoxon 

Dear Santa, Hi my name is Stephen I’ve been a good boy this year for Christmas, I would love a tramstfromer because I never had the rolling tramstformer before so Santa if you hear this then for Christmas please give me a tramstfromer for Christmas Love, Stephen Sanders.

Dear Santa, My name is Ethan Swanson What I want for Christmas is a babby puppy for Christmas. And a hamster for Christmas. Thank you Santa, Love, Ethan Swanson.

 Dear Santa, Hi my name is Gavin. I have been good this year. What I want for Christmas is a cosmo push because it so cute and cool and also I made kind choices like I move my feet for somebody. I hope you give me presents.

Dear Santa, My name is Gracie June I have been good this year. For Christmas I what lps that stars for little pet shop because they are so fun to play with. Also tell Diksen that he is SO cute. Have a merry Christmas. Love, Gracie June Darley.

Dear Santa, Merry Christmas, my name is McKenna Jean Shank. I have tried to be better this year. For Christmas I would love for it to snow. I really don’t want to travel. Also, could I please have my elf back, I really miss him. I might give pretzels and Cola instead of cookies and milk this year. Again, MERRY Christmas. Love, McKenna Jean Shank.

Dear Saint Nick, Hi my name is Lucas. I have tried to be good this year. For Christmas I ‘d love a PS5, and a PSY because I want my brother to be happy. Thank you for listening to me. Love you. Love, Lucas.

 Dear Santa, Hi my name is Emma Brown. I have tried to be good this year. For Christmas, I would love my family to be to together because I love them to deth. Thank you for listening to my letter and taking your time out of your day thank you bye.

 Dear Santa, Hi my name is David. So I was so good this year, but I do want a robot and a swich and also a car track. I want to go the beach. I want to go camping. Love David.

Dear Santa, Hi my name is AnaBelle. I think I have been good this year. For Christmas I would like a real life puppy because they are so flufly. I would also like a toy cat because I love cats and they are fun to play with. There is one more thing I want the Best Christmas ever. Love, AnaBelle.

 Dear Santa, My name is Kuyler I like baseball my sister wants lol dolls for Christmas and my mom and dad want a bulldog and my dad wants a golf cart and my MeMe wants a new car. Kuyler Jones.

 Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Lucy. I had so much fun with Snowflake on December 1st. I would love to have some pop its, figits, and some mattss. I would also like to have the snow fox elf pet. I can’t wait to see what I get for Christmas. Love, Lucy LeZotte.

 Dear Santa, My name is Alison Tapia. I really try to be good all year. For Christmas I would really love for Mrs. Wenning to stay forever because I will really miss her, and she made my life better. Thank you, Santa, for reading my letter. Love, Alison.

 Dear Santa, Hi my name is Chase Masters. I would love to have a pet dog. I would also like to have a fishing pole for Christmas because I really like to fish with my brother and my dad on the boat. I would also like to see my dad’s family for Christmas because I haven’t seen them in a long time. I would also like a fishing box and that is it. Love, Chase.

 Dear, Santa My name is Hayden. I have really tried to be good. For Christmas I would love a fourwheeler and a dog. I would also love another elf. Thank you for reading this note. Love, Hayden Foley.

 Dear Santa. I have tried to be good this year. I would love a simulator with the hand things (I don’t care what kind.) I would like this because I could share with my little siblings. Also it would probably be fun. Thank you! Love, Echo.

 Dear, Santa Hey my name is Riley. For Christmas I would like a kitten so I can play with her. Also, I would like to see my cousins Halie and Emile we live far apart and don’t see each other very often. Bye and Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Riley Bodaford.

 Dear Santa, Hi, my name is Charlotte. I have tried to be good this year. For Christmas, I would love a puppy because my parents would not let me have one also a Merry Christmas because I love Christmas. Thank you for reading my letter goodby.

 Dear Santa, Hello it’s Lillian. I’ve tried to be good this year. For Christmas I’d love to have snow, because I’ve never touched snow ever in my life. Also, can I have a jet pack. It would be really cool to fly! Thanks for using up your time to read this. Merry Christmas. Love, Lillian.

Dear Santa, Hi My name is Mason. I have tried to be good this year for Christmas I would love a dog because I only get to see my cousin’s dog ones or twice also can I have a gocart. Thanks for reading my list. From Mason Young.

 Dear Santa, Hi my name is Jase, I have tried to be good this year, for Christmas I would love to have a PS5 because me and my brother want to play dragonfire and a pokeman minecraft too. We now know that is on a PS5 and a PC thank you for reading this letter. And tell (Rudolf?) we said hi to him have a nice ride! Love, Jase.

 Dear Santa, My name is Brooke. I’ve tried to be filled of niceness. I would just love to have my own guiny pig farm or just a guinypig. Because their just so cute and fluffy. Also I want a cage for the guiny pig. I would also like guinypig food and water. Thank you for reading my letter. Sincerely, Brooke Canales.

 Dear Santa, Hi my name is Maxwell Hill. I have tried to be so good this year. For Christmas I would love Peace on World because there are so many wars. I (would) also love to see 46 Hill family members. Thank you for taking time to read this letter. Love, Maxwell.

 Dear Santa, I have tried to be good this year. For Christmas this year I would love a wheaner dog because I want something to play with and snuggle with. Also, I want Dasher the reindeer because I want something to ride and get around on when the car brakes down. Thank you for reading my Christmas letter! Love Annabelle.

 Dear Santa, Hi my name is Pierson Montano. I tried to be good this year. For Christmas I would like to have gold mining equipment and pay dirt. That is not what I just want but is one I really want. Thank you for listening to my letter and have a safe trip. Love Pierson

 Dear Santa, Hi, My name is Daniel Vogel. I’m pretty sure I’ve been good this year. For Christmas I would love my family over because I haven’t seen them in forever. I would also love Vixon because I want a pet reindeer. We thank you for everything. Love, Daniel.

 Dear Santa Hi my name is Ariana W. For Christmas I want Commet the raindeer he is very nice and I like him and I want a dog for Christmas. Thank you Santa.

 From Mrs. Bonner’s class, fourth grade: 

Dear Santa, I feel like I’ve been a good child this year, and I want to tell you what I want to get my family. I want to get my mom some lilac earrings. I want to get my dad a new phone it does not matter which kind just not a galaxy phone because he has that phone. I want to get my sister a unicorn stuffed animal. For my brother I want to get him 5 new monster trucks. I feel like this does not really matter but I want my dog to get 2 new dog toys, he’s a mini snoozer. I would like a hot wheel car ultimate garage. Sincerely, Jackson Noell

Dear Santa, For Christmas, I want a fidget pack. My first reason why I should get a fidget pack because I’ve been doing really Good. My Second reason why is Because I’ve helped people like friends and family. Finally, my last reason is that I’ve been really good this year. And that is why I should get a fidget pack.

Love, Avery Claire Decker Dear Santa, This is what would love. To get a new iPad case, a new iPhone 6s case, squishys and markers and a color set too! Then some more things like a fourwheeler and a new cat and dog for xmas this year. Sorry just a little more. A tide sweatshirt and head band too! You are going to hate me for this but just a little more like a sloth stuffed animal and water bottle for xmas this year! Sincerely, Maggie DuPriest 

Dear Santa, I think I should get extra presents this year because I have been very good this year. Here’s what I want. 1. M4 (for shooting) 2. 4-wheeler 3. MLB The Show 21 on my Xbox 4. Custom Faze clan Jersey And that is what I want. But I want you to know something. Besides my birthday Christmas is my fav. holiday! So I hope you and your elfs make this the BEST CHRISTMAAS EVER! Sincerely, Liam Nussman.

 Dear Santa, Merry Christmas Santa I thank I was really good this year can I please have presents not coal I would love a RC car, baking kit, rubber band kit, clothing, toys, Hot wheels, LSP, Books, Fidgets, electric skate board, stuffed animals, iPad case, phone case (hard to read but Santa will figure it out) … and money! I know its not much but this is what I want this year. Number 1 I have been really good. Number 2 I have been using my manners. Number 3 I’ve been really helpful this year too. Those are three reasons why I want this presents this year. Sincerely, BriLeah C.

Dear Santa I feel like I was good this year don’t get me wrong sometimes I have to yell at my brother to stop him from bugging me but otherwise I think I’ve been very good. This year I was hoping to get a hover board and hear are the reasons why! They look really cool, you can go really fast. And they look like a good entertainment. And that is why I want a hover board for Chrismas. Teagan Beth McCarthy.

 Dear Santa I have been a good boy this year and. I would like a deer skinning knife and a grunt call for hunting deer. I also want counter strike. I helped my mom do the laundery also I did some chores. This is all I want for Christmas this year. Sincerely, Marshall.

 Dear Santa, I would like a hover board. Because my friend has a hover board. I relly think I should have one because I have increased map goals by 14teen point higher. I also would like a gitar I had a gitar and it exploded! I saw a gitar at Costco so I played it so I would like one. That is what I want for Christmas. Sincerely, Trentin Wilson.

 Dear Santa, If you see this could you help me get things for other people. First Mrs. Turner: A stuffed brown dog because she is a great teacher for everyone. 2nd my grandmother: I want my grandmother to have less work every day. 3rd everyone: I want everyone to have a great x-mas. That’s why I need a little help. Love, Quinn Caggiano.

 Dear Santa, My name is Hudson, and for Christmas I would love to get some football cards. Also, I would love to get a soccer net. Since I already have 2 things on my list I’m just gonna tell you the rest. Xbox or PC, Madden 21, books. From Hudson Bill.

 Dear Santa, My name is Nikolai and I want a PC for Christmas. I also wanted to say that whenever you put presents under a Christmas tree how do you still have enough time to eat cookies? But how do you still have enough time to go everywhere in the world. I also just wanted to say that I want 100 tag team Pokemon cards, bye. From Nikolai.

 Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a cute hydro flask and stickers for it. American girl stuff, pokemon cards, stuffed animals, a touch screen computer, exquisite colors for rainbow loom, apple pencil, galaxy iPad case, maybe iPad, cute clothes for me and shoes, friends lego sets and harry potter stuff. Also some books and fidgets and squishys. Also who is your favorite reindeer? Sincerely, Emily H.

Dear Santa, For Christmas I really want a gymnastics mat. I also want the book wonder. Also did you go to school? Anyway I also want a new backpack. A yellow hydro Flask with stickers. I Also want more fidgets even tho I have jillions. And a puppy. Oh and jumbo stuffed animal for my bed. And film for my poleroide camera! And Simply Southern shirts, nike shorts, and a Phone! Earrings, scrunchies a new blanket. I also want 100 colored pencils, markers, and Jewerly. Oh and 200 dollars! Hope I’m not too greedy. Sincerely, Emmy Dworshak.

 Dear Santa, Mary Christmas and what I wold like for Christmas is a 3D pin, a hover board, new clouds and some figits. I know I didn’t ask for much becaise all I really need is my family. Love: Charley Roberts.

 Dear Santa I’ve been good this year. I was wondering if you could get me some Pokemon. I also want a finder for pokemon and a few cases. Can I also get a rainbow care pack. If you cant it’s okay. But if you can please do it. Please get me (illegible), thanks. Merry Christmas, Caleb Cooper .

Dear Santa, I want a pack of a lot of football cards. A football hamit with a football. The last thing is a iPad. That’s all I want for Christmas. From Ian.

 Dear Santa, This year I really want 5 things the first thing is a new headphones for school because mine broke. The second thing is some easy games to play with at wrestling or baseball because it can get borrring. Next, I want dog toys or treats to teach my dog to do some tricks, so I can tell her not to jump on people when they come over. The fourth thing is for it to snow wich if you can’t do I understand. Finally my last wish is for every body to have a good Christmas, to be nice and warm at home waking up to lots of presents, and to have a holly jolly Christmas. From: Sarabella.

 Dear Santa, I would like to list some of the toys I would like for Christmas. First I would like a nerf or the one I’ve been asking for. I would like airpods and an apple iPad 13 pro. Finally, I would like fidget toys specifically the gaming controller. Sincerely Asher.

 Dear Santa, I really want money because I want to be richer then Elon Musk because he is my role motel but what I really want for Christmas is candy and thank you so much for all you do good by. From Will to Santa I live in the world.

 Dear Santa For Christmas I want an Occulus. I hope you have a holly Jolly Christmas this year. From Tate.

 Dear Santa, Hi Santa how is your day! I bet it is good so Santa can I have for Christmas if it is not too much can I have Pokemon cards and PS5 and can I have cat, a baseball bat, and catching gear thank you. From Pieter to Santa.

 Dear Santa, There is so many kids that need toys so, that is why I am not trying to ask for a lot. I love each and all toys you get me. At least one figet (pop-its & monkey doodales). You know I love art & legos so, maybe a lego art set? I hope this is not to much but, I want to keep going so, I will. At the richmon hill pharmarmace there was a make-up set I got my friend for her b-day and it looked sooooo cool! I hope you have the best Christmas ever. I promess I will make stuff for you and Rosey. Love, Magdalene F.? (Editor: name is hard to make out)

 Dear Santa, I would like a few things they aren’t really specific but I would like some lego sets. Can you also get iPhone 12 pro mini. Can you also get more ninja warrior training stuff and can you get me a skate board. Thank you merry Christmas Santa. Sincerely, Rhett .

Dear Santa, I would like a nerf gun that shoots 8 bullets out of the 8 chambers it has. I want v-bucks. Race cars like hot wheels and an i-Pad. By Joey.

 Dear Santa, I think you are a great person. I want you to know my Christmas list! I want a skateboard, hoverboard, candy canes and one of those cool tiny kid cars that was it thank you so much. Sincerely, Harley.

 Dear Santa What I want for Christmas. First I want a drone for Christmas. Here are my reasons. It look so fun win people fly it. Then it can fly so high. Last I love drones. Love Joyner.

 Dear Santa Here is what I want for Christmas. I want a new dirtbike. First, I ran it into a tree. Secondly, it has been braking when I don’t do anything to it. Thirdly, it is very old. Lastly, I need a new one. Here is why I need a new dirtbike. Sincerely, Sam Chafin.

 Dear Santa I want a 6.5 credmore deer rifle because I want to shoot my first deer. I want this because I don’t have a rifle and I can practice at the gun club. Also because I have been good this year. This is why I want a 6.5 credmore deer rifle for Christmas. Sincerely, Briggs Baldwin.

Dr. Noel-Smith’s third grade class: 

Dear Santa, Let me tell you what I went for Christmas. He gives what kids want. I want cooking stuff because my mom will teach me what to cook, and I went a lego friends set because I like to build lego. I am proud of my family, friends, cousins, and Ants. You are so good, happy. Are you happy about Christmas. Thank you for delivering presents to kids. After a while let me know how you are doing. Merry Chirstmas, best, and wishies. Zoe G.

Dear Santa! I really hope you get this letter, and I have only 2 present’s that I need to tell you for Christmas First I want an animie coloring book and more coloring pen’s! Also I would love to go to paris or londen to go see my gram and also go see the Rainbow thing in the sky any way Bye. Love: Bella Marie Rose Vollmer.

 Dear Santa, At my house. I was hoping you would have a good Christmas. For Christmas can I have a iPhone 13 and a new set of airpods. I want airpods and a iphone 13 because I can listen to music and so I can check in with my parents. I am proud of me getting better at math. I am exited about my elf comeing because he is my best friend. You’re the nicest (guy?) I have ever met. Thank you for always giveing me gifs. (Unsigned)

 Dear Santa, This is my favorite time f the year. We have elves snow ball and snow flake. I would like an elf pet and lots of stuffed animals that look real. Because I got my map score. I’m excited for you to come to town. You are sweet like candy cane. Thank you for Christmas! From Finley.

 Dear Santa One day I wanna read letters like you. For Christmas I want a 20 gauge. And I wood like a vr. I deserve these things because both of map test reading and math I passed. I am proud that I made it through the test. And I’m excited about when it is Christmas I get to shoot my new 20 gauge when Santa bring me the gun. Santa how many letters do you read on Christmas. Santa thank you for the basketball court once. Thank you for letting me tell what for Christmas and why I deserver those things Greyson B, sincerly, your friend, merry Christmas best wishes.

Dear Santa, Wow I can’t believe it’s Christmas! Santa you are the best! What I want for Christmas is another dirt bike and a pet monkey. I deserve it because I could have a 2 stroke dirt bike and a 4 stroke dirt bike and I deserve a monkey because there just so cute and I just want one so bad. I’m so exited for Christmas because I usually get so many presents. Oh and how did you get that cool magic. Oh one more thing thank you so much for doing what you do. By and thank you again. From Wyatt Farris.

 Dear Santa I cant believe that it is Christmas! One thing I want for Christmas is new atlanta braves baseball cards because I have a lot of old ones from the 1980’s and 1990’s. and I want a gas four wheeler because my best friend whyat has a dirt bike and we could ride at my house. I’m exited about my grandma my great grandma my mommy and my grandpa my other grandma my dogs all on Christmas morning. You are the best, Santa! Thank you for bringing me gifts. Hudson.

 Dear Santa, Let me tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a 3d pen because I want to make a ton of toys and give some to people. The second thing I want is a hoverboard attachment for my hoverboard because I could play with my friends and do really cool tricks. I am very excited about my birthday coming up in nine days. You are the best ever. Thank you for letting me be so lucky with what I want. Thank you for letting me tell you what I wanted for Christmas. Zachary Gaudet.

 Dear Santa, I can’t believe its Christmas!! Thank you for passing out presents at night and the Christmas spirit bright. What I want for Christmas. I want a football hellman that is Ohio to wear when I play football. The next present I want is a Georgia bull dog football signed by you. The reason I want a football hellment is for playing football. The reason I want a Georgia football signed by you is so I can play football with my friends. I am excited to go to the store all by myself to get my mom a Chistmas present. I am proud of how my goal was 204 and I got 202 at school. How do you stay up all night long? How do your raindeer fly at night so high in the air? Do you ever think you will fall off? Thank you for all my present that you give me every year. Merry Christmas, William.

 Dear Santa This Christmas I want a lot of things but its so many I can only pick a couple. First I know I already have a dog but I want another one. And I want a squishmellow. One more thing a lot of miniebrand’s. And why I deserve these thing’s is because I saw someone on the bench she said she had no friends so I invided her to my birthday now we are best friends. I am so exited for my birthday on December the 20th my friend is coming to. How do you come into my house if my mom sets the alarm? Lyia.

 Dear Santa This magical year is going to be great. Next I want to tell about what I want for Christmas. I want mini things that actually work and LPS. I think I deserve them because I worked hard this year and have been good with baby elves and Mistletoe! I’m so excited because 9 days after Christmas is my sisters birthday and its going to be Harry potter themed. What is your favorite part of Christmas mine is Gods birthday, elves, we get to see your funny pictures, and presents. Thank you for the presents last year. Have a magical Christmas, Sydney Canzon.

 Dear Santa I wold like for Christmas a electric toothbrush, harry potter wand. I am proud of my map test and I am so exited for Christmas and I also love your red cloths, Santa why do you enjoy Christmas thank you for bringing magick to Christmas. Thank you for reading my lister. By Kipten.

Dear Santa, WOW Santa you are so cool! Did you know we have two elves in our classroom named snowflake, and snowball? Santa I want for Christmas a white board, and skinny dry erase markers. I think I deserve these because I have been good all year. I’m exited that I got a new dog. Thank you for all of the presents. Your friend Easton Dear Santa, In my house after diner I wrote you this letter. For Christmas I want stickers and a new ramps. I want ramps because 2 of mine broke. I want stickers because I run out and because I have gotten good gads. I am proud that I am throwing good passes in football why do elfs get sold at stores? Thank you for getting a skateboard for me last year. Sincerely Eli H.

Dear Santa Let me tell you what I want for Christmas. I want an iPad for Christmas because mine is cracked and it won’t update. I deserve it because I have been very nice. I am proud that I have good grades. Is your hat magic. Thank you. Merry Christmas. Your friend Ava Sanchez.

 Dear Santa Claus Merry Chistmas. Do you like vacashins? Heres two things I want for Christmas. 10smo (?) coding set, 2 an iPad. I want them because they are so cool. Here is a fun fact. I use lots of tech. Sincerely, Hunter D.

Dear Santa, To begin with since I haven so good this year I want you to read this letter. I want at least one chapter book and have at least three reasons. My first reason is my books are boring or I read it already and I don’t like to reread something another reason is I’ve been very good this year and lastly I already read three of my chapter books and I’m really exited about Christmas and thank you for coming to town and giving presents. And thank you for listening to my letter. Sincerely, Makenna Kelly.

 Dear Santa, How have you been? I will have cookies for you, and carrots for your reindeer. For Christmas I’d like nanny to have safe travels. I’m excited that there is only two more weeks of school but I will still miss everyone. I thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas From Andi.

 Dear Santa, I’m so excited for Christmas! In my class I have 2 scout elves named snowball and snowflake. For Christmas I want a airtrack and cheershoes. I really do deserve them because I get really good grades and I’m respectful. I’m so proud that I got my end of the year goal in map testing. I’m really excited to open presents. You are so kind. Thank you for being thoughtful. Your friend Brylee.

 Dear Santa, I’m so excited for Christmas! We have 2 scout elves named Snowball and Snowflake. I would like a painting set and a new backpack. I would deserve them because I love painting and my other backpack is too small. I’m very excited to open up all my Christmas presents. You re very kind and caring. Thank you for being nice to us. Merry Christmas Harper Kinard.

 Dear Santa, Wow, time passes fast! It’s already December! I really want a hoverboard and some very good 5 star colored pencils for Christmas. I think I deserve them because I helped my sister on her project for school and I don’t touch your elf Jingles. I’m excited for Christmas because I’m in the Christmas spirit. As a complement, I really like how you have elfs, they are very cute and funny. I have a question, where is the north pole? Santa, please read this, thank you, Daniella.

Dear Santa, Let me tell you about my life is great but I’m going to see my mom this Christmas! I’m so excited to see her and Santa too because I need to tell him something important. I’m proud of me because I am good at math and reading too. Santa is a great person too and everyone likes Santa. From Rylee Cano.

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