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Council votes to remove Planning and Zoning member
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The Richmond Hill City Council voted to remove a member of the Richmond Hill Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday.

At a regularly scheduled meeting in City Hall, the council approved a preliminary resolution to discharge Stephen Weiss from the Planning and Zoning Commission by a 3-1 vote. Council member Russ Carpenter cast the nay vote.

The council adopted a preliminary resolution read by Mayor Harold Fowler that said a new commission member would provide an opportunity for added service to the community and the city, and would be more responsive to the community and the council.

Fowler earlier removed Weiss from the board, but that was challenged. Delete - Merge Up

An opionion by city attorney Ray Smith said Fowler's action was proper, but recommended the city council vote on the issue to resolve "any lingering questions that might exist."

The preliminary resolution passed Tuesday also requires a public hearing before Weiss is officially discharged from the commission.

Carpenter said he was against Weiss’ removal because the cause for his discharge was not clear.

Read more in the Feb. 11 edition of the News.

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