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BCSO reports: Pit bull gets stuck in neighbor’s chicken coop, again
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

 Matter of record: A pit bull named Corn Bread got stuck in a chicken coop belonging to a neighbor, a March 30 report said.

Deputies were sent to a Highway 119 address in Pembroke regarding the “pit bull that was stuck in the complainant’s chicken coop,” and were told Corn Bread had come onto the complainant’s property overnight and “became stuck as it wrapped the chain, attached to its collar, around her chicken brooder.”

The woman said the pit bull “has come on to her property at least three times previously, managing to become stuck every time,” but has never “killed or maimed any of her livestock.”

This time, however, the dog “managed to damage the wire and flooring of the brooder,” and because it growled at the complainant “she did not attempt to release the animal from its current predicament,” and instead tried to reach her neighbors and then called authorities. An animal control officer was able to “take possession” of the pit bull and deputies were able to talk to Corn Bread’s owner, who “was advised of the incident and how to retrieve the animal.”

Matter of record: A South Bryan man reported March 26 he left his Glock handgun inside his BMW, which had been repossessed. The deputy told him he needed to find out who towed it and go get his belongings, and if he had problems call BCSO. The man wanted the incident documented in case his gun was stolen or used in a crime. He got a case number.

DUI: Deputies were dispatched to a gas station on Highway 144 shortly before 7 p.m. March 26 “in reference to a subject that appeared to be drunk and ran into a fuel pump with his pickup truck.”

As deputies were on their way, they got another call that “the subject in the pickup truck just drove around to the back of the store and was trying to fix the door to his pickup truck.”

The man, who had a Richmond Hill address, was spotted by deputies “trying to get the driver’s side door closed on a yellow pickup truck,” and was having a hard time “trying to maintain his balance,” a report said.

He admitted to having had something to drink, and deputies searching his car found evidence the man had been drinking as well as marijuana, etc. He was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. A witness told a deputy the man “drove up to the gas pumps and exited his vehicle. His vehicle immediately started rolling backwards and almost ran him over. The driver’s side door of his pickup was still open and hit gas pump 3 & 4 which damaged the pumps and bent his door back. The vehicle continued to roll backwards into the parking lot until (the man) was able to get it stopped. Then he got back into his vehicle and pulled back up to the pumps.”

The man then got out and stumbled around and “finished pumping gas,” then “began slamming the damaged truck door repeatedly in an attempt to get it to shut.” When he was unable to get it shut, he drove around to the back of the store, where he was met by deputies. The pickup was towed.

Matter of record: A deputy directing school traffic between 3 p.m. and 3:40 p.m. March 24 at Belfast River and Warren Hill Road reported “while directing traffic, an object was thrown from the window of a school bus, striking me in my upper left thigh.”

Officials checked bus video and “the listed juvenile offender was identified by RHMS administrators. The video shows the listed juvenile intentionally throw an object at me while I was directing traffic,” the deputy noted, adding , “Disciplinary action will be handled through RHMS.”

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