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BCSO blotter: Woman reports cigarette butts stolen...seriously
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Suspicious incident: An Ellabell woman reported around 12:30 a.m. Nov. 20 “someone had stolen cigarette butts out of her cigarette butt container.”

“This cigarette butt container was sitting on the side shelf of a grill, which was located under the carport. (The woman) advised her security cameras did not catch anyone on the property. (She) is unsure who could have stolen the cigarette butts. (She) advised the last time she knew the cigarette butts were in the container was around 8 p.m.”

“It was undetermined how many cigarette butts were missing,” the deputy who responded to the call noted. The woman was given a case number.

Simple battery: A Bryan County man reported Nov. 22 that “the owner of the residence (a 58-year old woman) hit him upside the head as he was trying to take a shower.”

“(Complainant) stated that he had just paid the power bill at this location and he should be able to take a shower. (He) advised … that he did not hit her back and that he wants a restraining order taken out on (the woman.)” The deputy said he couldn’t issue such an order but the man was “more than welcome to go to the court to see if he could get one issued on his behalf.”

The deputy then talked to the woman, who said “she did not hit (the complainant) upside the head instead she was just trying to get him not to use the bathroom in the home. She said that she does not want anyone using her bathroom and that there is another one inside the home.”

The deputy noted it “was unclear if (the complainant) stayed at this residence enough or not,” and the deputy also wrote that “due to not enough evidence at the time of the incident, I was not able to determine if (the complainant) was in fact hit upside the head or not.”

The deputy told the man, however, that he would document the incident.

Damage to property: A deputy was sent to the Bryan County Mega-Site on Nov. 21 ‘in reference to a property complaint.” A man at the site said an excavator had caught fire on Nov. 19.

“The excavator was parked near a pile of burning wood and (the man) suspects that an ember caught loose debris on the excavator on fire.” A report was needed for insurance purposes.

Theft by deception: A South Bryan man reported Nov. 24 that “while using an App named Let Me Know, a female named Katte Stanley contacted him. (He) advised after talking to her for a while, she asked for nude photos of him, and he sent them to her. (He) reported that he did not know nor had ever met her.”

He also said that “after he sent the photos, (she) told him that she would send the images to the FBI and the Georgia Department of Public Safety Instagram pages unless he sent her money.”

The man “advised that he sent her about $1,500,” the report said.

He got a report number.

Speeding, etc: A deputy on I-95 around 2 .m. Nov. 26 clocked a Lincoln with a Florida tag heading south at 91 mph, then switch lanes abruptly. He pulled it over near Mile Marker 90.

The deputy told the driver and passenger why they were being stopped. The passenger, the driver’s mother, “advised she was tired and did not know he was going that fast.” She also said “he did not have a license and he was 15 years old.”

The deputy got the information he needed “and advised the two to switch.” Tickets were issued and they were sent on their way.

Theft of firearms: A man reported Nov. 28 he was at a “Thanksgiving gathering” in Pembroke with “friends and the young lady he is seeing,” and left a window on his pickup down and firearms “visible laying across the passenger seat.”

“Victim advised that when he returned to his vehicle around 11 p.m. after consuming alcohol with his friends it was discovered that the firearms were missing,” the report continued, and the deputy asked why it wasn’t reported “on the day it happened.”

“No real response was given, but it was assumed that the consumption of alcohol by minors was the reasoning,” the report said. The victims got a case number.

Matter of record: An Ellabell woman reported Nov. 28 a man stole her cell phone and was holding it ransom “as leverage to receive oral sex from the woman,” a report said.

The woman, apparently living in a tent, also said the man, who evidently owned the property, was “also offering her sticks of butter in exchange for sex, stating ‘butter is expensive these days.’” The deputy determined the woman was “going through some type of mental crisis,” and though she turned down EMS she did ask for a ride to Pooler. The deputy told her he couldn’t take her to Pooler but could give her a ride home. He did, and gave her a case number.

Speeding, drugs, etc: A deputy on duty around 1:18 a.m. Nov. 27 spotted a car speeding north on Highway 17 at what turned out to be “in excess of 150 mph.” He was eventually stopped in Richmond Hill near I-95. The driver, a 52-year-old man, described in the report as clearly under the influence, told authorities he was “being called back to base for deployment to Ukraine.”

A search of his vehicle turned up “multiple glass smoking apparatus and Brillo pads,” which are used to smoke crack. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

Matter of record: A deputy was called to a Highway 144 address around 11:44 p.m. Nov. 27 after a couple said their neighbor was shooting at them.

The deputy first talked to the neighbor, who said he “was shooting an AR style rifle at the rear of his property in a safe direction. (He) further stated that he has been having continuous issues with his neighbors ….”

The neighbor said he thought the call was in response to an earlier incident in which he was arrested for allegedly shooting an arrow into the couple’s shed. He was told not to shoot anymore until he checked with “Bryan County Zoning Department,” the report said.

The deputy then talked to the couple, who said they heard a “high powered rifle” going off and didn’t know where it was coming from. They were told to report it if their neighbor started shooting again.

Everyone got a case number and told how to take out a warrant.

Damage to property: An Ellabell man reported Nov. 27 his soon-to-be ex wife broke into his home around 12:30 a.m.

The man said he was in bed when she came in “and attempted to see what he was doing,” and “he did not know who was coming in and that he pulled his firearm on her.”

The man said they exchanged words and she then left. The man said he went outside and saw that a visitor’s Jeep had been vandalized. “There was a tampon in the gas tank, the gas cap was ripped off, and some type of purple material was smeared all over the windshield,” the report said, adding the man didn’t see his wife do it, but he and his friend were sure it was her. The deputy noted another deputy had gone to the same house on a call a few weeks earlier due to a verbal dispute. The deputy gave the man and the Jeep owner a case number.

Matter of record: A Black Creek man reported Nov. 23 that “he had noticed a water hose connected to his well that led to the adjacent residence.”

“The complainant explained that he never gave anyone permission and this excessive use led to the pump being damaged.”

Then the landlord showed up and said he didn’t want to take legal action and the deputy went to talk to the man with the hose, who said he had an agreement to use the well. The deputy told him he didn’t and “he was to stay off the property or face legal action.”

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