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BCSO blotter: Road rage at roundabout; neighbors feud over cable
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Road rage: Deputies were sent to the roundabout at Highway 144 and Belfast Keller around 11:48 a.m. Dec. 17 regarding a road rage incident with a weapon. Three vehicles were at the roundabout and the drivers were told to stay in their vehicles while deputies investigated.

Up first was a 41-yearold Richmond Hill woman in a Yukon who was listed as “witness and wife of the complainant in the front car.” The second vehicle, a Kia, was driven by a 48-year-old Savannah woman listed as the “complainant/ offender.”

The third vehicle “in front of the other two,” was an SUV driven by a 44-year-old Richmond Hill man listed as “husband of the witness and is a complainant/ offender.”

A deputy spoke first to the witness, who said the Kia cut off her husband’s vehicle “and he passed the Kia back and got in front of the Kia, and the Kia kept following her husband twice around the roundabout. (She) stated after he husband pulled onto the shoulder at Belfast River Road just past the 144 roundabout the Kia stopped behind him and then her husband got out of his vehicle and approached the Kia and then went back to his vehicle.”

A deputy then talked to the driver of the Kia, who had the weapon, which was in a case. She told the deputy the car in front of her was “slow driving, and she passed it and then it came back around in front of her almost striking her vehicle and she just wanted him to stop.” The woman said once she pulled over and the man got out and “approached her shouting she pointed and advised she had a gun for her safety,” and told the deputy, “at no time did she point her weapon at the man, never.”

For safety reasons, the deputy took the magazine out of the weapon – didn’t have a round chambered.

He then talked to the man, who said “the Kia cut him off almost striking his vehicle and he then passed it back and the Kia kept following him even as he went around the roundabout twice and that is when he stopped on the shoulder and approached the Kia,” and “as he approached the Kia the driver pulled a gun on him and pointed it at him and he then returned to his vehicle and called 911.”

Both were given warnings and “also told a report would be generated and not to do this type behavior on the highways again and both agreed.”


Neighbor dispute: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address around 8:30 p.m. regarding “a person possibly tampering with communication lines.”

There, the deputy met the complainant, who said he had a photo of his neighbor standing by a Comcast box located between their properties. “(The complainant) stated that he believed (his neighbor) was tampering with his Comcast line since his cable was out.” The deputy went to talk to the neighbor, who “stated that his Comcast line was down also and then proceeded to show me telephone calls on his phone that he has made to Comcast. (He) and his wife alleged that (the complainant) has been tampering with the cable lines and that he is possibly the reason the cable was out.”

The deputy told the neighbor to take the issue up with Comcast, and he “replied that Comcast was sending someone out to investigate the television outage.” The deputy then went back to tell the complainant what he’d learned. “(Complainant) was unhappy with my investigation into what he believed was sabotage to his Comcast line. I informed (complainant) that this did not appear to be a criminal matter. (He) was further upset and walked away from me.”

Verbal dispute: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address about 10:13 p.m. Dec. 18 regarding an argument. There, the complainant said he and the offender “had been drinking in the back yard of their residence when their neighbors asked them to turn their music down. (Complainant) stated that (offender) became upset and began yelling at the neighbors,” then got upset at the complainant for trying to calm him down.

“(Complainant) stated that (offender) had not been taking his medication and that he was belligerent in front of (complainant’s) children,” but the argument didn’t escalate into a fight.

The deputy then talked to the offender, who didn’t want EMS but did want help. The man also told the deputy “he may be bipolar and was prescribed lithium by a doctor in Colorado. (He) stated he recently moved to this residence with his mother after being released from a penitentiary in Colorado.”

The man said he’d go sleep it off. The complainant said he’d go to his wife’s apartment.

Harassment: A Richmond Hill man reported Dec. 17 “for some unknown reason his neighbor has been blaming him for an event that recently happened. He said that his neighbor blames him for weird things going on with him. He said he accuses him of putting GPS on his car and tracking him, following him around, has people watching him and spying on him all the time.” The complainant said he doesn’t “understand why (his neighbor) has a fixation with him and he doesn’t want him coming on his property and confronting him anymore. He said at this time he doesn’t want to do anything but if it continues he will pursue a different course of action.”

Entering auto: A Richmond Hill man reported Dec. 17 he and his wife were attending an event at McAllister Elementary and parked “in front of the tennis courts,” and when they came out saw the driver side door lock cover was removed and the driver side door was bent. When they got home they found his wife’s purse had been taken. Fingerprints were found. A search of Henderson Park turned up nothing in terms of items reported stolen, but two county employees “stated they did hear a car alarm go off between 10:30 and 10:45 that morning,” but shut off shortly after it began. The man got a case number.

Overdose: A Bryan County Jail inmate was taken to Memorial Health University Hospital in Savannah on Dec. 17 by EMS after he reportedly overdosed on fentanyl. The inmate was alert at the hospital and told the doctor he “snorted fentanyl after working out.” The inmate told the deputy he got the drug from someone in the jail. The man was admitted to Memorial “for reasons unrelated to his overdose,” the report said.

Speeding, drugs, etc: A deputy was driving east on Highway 144 around 10:43 a.m. Dec. 16 when he spotted a gray pickup coming up behind him fast. The deputy clocked the pickup going 97 mph as it passed Sweet Hill Road, and “activated my lights and sirens and attempted to close distance on the vehicle to conduct a traffic stop,” the report said. “I was able to catch up to the vehicle after trevaling at 110-120 mph for approximately two miles.”

The deputy talked to the driver, a 37-year-old Richmond Hill resident, who “did not provide a reason for the speed, and “did not have a driver’s license because he was suspended.” A check revealed the man had warrants in Bryan and Effingham counties, and he was taken into custody. A search of the car turned up suspected meth, etc. He was taken to jail.

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