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BCSO blotter: Cows/bulls get out, but put themselves back up
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Animal complaint; Deputies were sent to a South Bryan neighborhood around 7 a.m. Aug. 13 because “some cows/ bulls were out of their secured area and in the complainant’s front yard.”

While a deputy spoke with the neighbor and got a name and phone number for the owners of the “cows/bulls,” the “cows/ bulls started moving back into the secure area on their own.” The report ended by noting, “The animals all moved back into the area safely and without any problems.” 

Aggressive driving, etc: A 32-year-old man was pulled over and ultimately arrested after a deputy first spotted his car pull out of a truck stop onto Highway 280 “at a high rate of speed, causing his rear to fish tail,” then drove west “at a high rate of speed, causing his exhaust to be extremely loud.”

The deputy reported he followed the car over I-16, where he “observed the driver weave the vehicle through heavy traffic, without utilizing a blinker, and without observing safe distances, at a high rate of speed, causing numerous drivers to brake and move out of his way in order to prevent a collision.”

The deputy pulled the car over at the ride share on 280, and met the driver, who said he was driving so fast because “he was trying to get around the semi truck.”

It figures. The driver was arrested for reckless driving, and was also cited for aggressive driving, driving too fast for conditions and improper passing.

DUI –drugs, etc: Deputies responding to a call around 12:30 a.m. Aug. 15 saw a man riding a bike east on Highway 144 “in the number 2 lane (fast lane) failing to maintain its lane over fog line to center lane with no working front light. The deputy pulled the bicyclist over, though not before the 34-year-old man pedaled back to the shoulder “while attempting to jump off the bike and run,” before he “lost his footing and attempted to regain his balance with his bike.”

Deputies had to restrain the man, who reportedly gave them a suspended license as well as a hard time.

“During this time the offender called me racial slurs and (said) that all he was doing is exercising,” a deputy reported, noting he could smell “a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from his breath and person when he spoke.”

The deputy noted the man also showed signs of being under the influence, and had what appeared to be “multiple track marks on both forearms.” After a while, the man asked that his bike be left by a tree on the side of the road, and he was taken to jail. “While enroute to the jail the offender advised stopping people for no light on their bicycle was a good way to get shot in the head with a shotgun,” the report continued. “The offender also advised when he gets out, he was going to buy a shotgun. The offender advised something about a Hispanic gang.”

Aug. 13 

Matter of record: Deputies were dispatched to a Richmond Hill address regarding a dispute between a couple getting a divorce over custody of their children.

Aid to other agency: Deputies were asked to respond to a domestic dispute with injuries at a Richmond Hill address.

Matter of record: Deputies were asked to respond to a North Bryan address regarding a deceased person who had been in hospice care. No signs of foul play were found at the time of the report.

Speeding, suspended license: A 51-year-old man was stopped for being clocked at 78 mph on Highway 280 in North Bryan. The man’s license had been suspended, so he was arrested.

Scam: A Richmond Hill woman reported she’d been scammed. She said she found out before she lost any money. She gave deputies contact info for the scammers.

Battery, criminal trespass; A Richmond Hill woman was arrested after police answered a domestic disturbance call.

Aug. 14 

Warrant: A deputy picked up a man arrested in Effingham County on a bench warrant in Bryan County.

Matter of record: Deputies responded to an Ellabell address regarding an unconscious woman. She was taken to the hospital by EMS.

Theft: A Richmond Hill woman reported someone stole her dog and wouldn’t give it back.

DUI drugs: A woman who ran out of gas on I-95 and was found walking south on the north bound shoulder of the interstate with a two-liter bottle of gas around 2 p.m. was ultimately charged with DUI after a deputy giving her a courtesy ride back to the vehicle noticed she smelled of pot. The woman said she smoked marijuana in Hinesville. She also failed a DUI test.

Suspended license, expired registration, speeding: A South Carolina man driving a pickup with oversize tires was clocked at 95 mph driving south on I-95. He told the deputy his speedometer said he was doing 80. The man’s car had an expired registration and his license was suspended. He was arrested.

Domestic dispute Deputies were sent to a domestic dispute in South Bryan between a mother and her daughter.

Disorderly conduct; Deputies were sent to a house in South Bryan regarding an incident between adult brothers involving a BB gun.

Suspended license: The driver of a pickup on Olive Branch Road pulled over for a busted tail light was arrested after he told deputies his license was suspended.

Richmond Hill: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill gas station around 4 a.m. regarding a vehicle in a ditch. The vehicle, which was damaged, didn’t have insurance. Attempts to reach the registered owner were unsuccessful, so deputies inventoried the vehicle prior to having it towed. “A suitcase and small black bag containing miscellaneous women items were found inside.” The vehicle was towed and listed as abandoned.

Older reports: Aug. 8 

Warrant: A deputy driving around noon in South Bryan somewhere near Wise Court off Highway 17 “witnessed a vehicle in front of me at the above location lose its driver’s side front wheel while in motion.”

The report continued. “The vehicle was able to safely make it to the median out of the roadway without causing any damage to other nearby vehicles,” it said.

The deputy stopped, ran the license plate and then went to talk to the driver, who “stated he was fine and had family coming to help him with the vehicle.”

Dispatchers told the deputy the man was wanted in Chatham County on a misdemeanor probation violation for a traffic offense, so he was arrested and taken to jail in Chatham County. The vehicle was turned over to his girlfriend, the report said.

Aug. 9 

Suspended license, improper passing: A 44-yearold man who passed a vehicle stopped for a left hand turn on Highway 280 was pulled over and arrested after it was found he had a suspended license.

Speeding, suspended license, etc: A 28-year-old man was arrested after he was clocked around 7:30 a.m. driving a pickup towing a trailer at 76 mph on Highway 17. The trailer also had a flat tire. The driver gave the deputy an Illinois license, which had been suspended in 2022. The man was arrested.

Theft by taking: Deputies picked up a woman walking who needed mental evaluation by EMS. She refused to be taken to a hospital and was given a ride home by a deputy.

Aug. 10 

No insurance, suspended license; A man stopped on Highway 17 for not having insurance was found to be wanted in Texas for larceny and his driver’s license had been canceled and revoked, a report said. He was arrested.

Brush fire: A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address regarding a brush fire on the side of crops with no one around. Bryan County Fire put out the fire, which consisted of a burning box with plastic in it. A property owner said he thought the people who spray the fields set a box on fire and left it, the report said.

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