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Top 10 new tech products for 2017
Nintendo announced the Switch in a video released in fall 2016. The Switch is a new gaming console that works on TVs and as a portable system. - photo by Liesl Nielsen
THE FUTURE While many have speculated that 2016 was one of the more disappointing years in recent memory, not everything was as bleak as it appeared.

In 2016, there were major strides in technology that will inevitably change the way we live life, including everything from delivery drones to self-driving cars. And 2017 promises to be just as innovative.

The following is a non-comprehensive list of rumored gadgets and gizmos to get excited about for the upcoming year:


1. iPhone 8: The year 2017 marks the iPhones tenth anniversary and Apple is said to be going all-out for this celebratory upgrade. Though Apple hasnt made an official announcement yet, rumors suggest a radical redesign of the phone favorite. The name iPhone 8 is purely speculation, but the phone is said to have a top-to-bottom, all-glass display. This means it would also be sans home button but have the Touch ID and camera built directly into the display. Apple is also said to be using flexible plastic OLED rather than an LCD, making the device thinner with a better display while consuming less power. The iPhone is rumored to come out in the fall of 2017.

2. iPad Upgrades: According to Bloombergs Mark Gurman, Apple is also said to be updating its iPad lineup for the spring of 2017. The new models are said to include an improved Apple Pencil stylus and a new variety of screen sizes.


3. New laptop running Androids Andromeda OS: Google did quite well this year with its first phone, the Pixel. Now, according to Android Police, a website that features news, reviews and updates related to Android platforms, Googles combined Android/Chrome Andromeda OS will run a new laptop by Google thats expected to launch in the fall of 2017. The computer is said to work as both a tablet and laptop.

4.Smartwatch: According to David Ruddock with Android Police, Google is expected to launch its own smartwatch as well and has heard that Google is prototyping the smartwatches. Android Police is not entirely sure when they will be released but have noted that they are 70 percent confident these watches will be released.


5. Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung didnt have a great year thanks to the notorious, exploding Galaxy Note 7, but this next year might be an opportunity for redemption. While tech insiders dont know a lot about the device, the Galaxy S8 is rumored to include a digital assistant powered by Viv, the artificial intelligence startup that Samsung purchased in 2016, according to Bloomberg's Jungah Lee.


6. Tesla Model 3: The new Tesla Model 3 vehicle comes with full autopilot hardware and can update self-driving software over the air. Its expected to be available in late 2017 and Tesla has coined it their most affordable car yet at $35,000 during their unveiling event in March 2016.


7. Virtual Reality headset with Windows 10: In 2016, Microsoft announced new virtual reality headsets that will work with a free update of Windows 10. The headsets will start at $299, a much cheaper price than what weve already seen when it comes to VR headsets, like the Oculus Rift at $599.


8. Nintendo Switch: Nintendo announced the Switch in a video released in fall 2016. The Switch is a new gaming console that works on TVs and as a portable system. The Switch is expected to be released in March of 2017 but we can expect more details of the product on January 12, 2017.


9. Snap Spectacles: Snapchat probably doesn't immediately come to mind during a discussion of tech innovation, but the Snap Spectacles, which are already available in Venice, CA, are expected to spread in 2017. The glasses film a snapchat video from your perspective when you click a button located on the frames and then wirelessly upload to Snapchat. These could very well become a necessity for avid Snappers and are considered much easier to use than the Google Glasses before them.


10. Remedy: This product is an app designed to make on-demand and personalized healthcare a lot simpler. The app, along with similar apps like DoctorOnDemand and HelloMD, are expected to be more widely used in 2017. The app allows patients to talk to a physician from the comfort of their own home and even be treated and prescribed medication where possible. This remote treatment will hopefully be able to relieve doctors and hospitals that become quickly overbooked.
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