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I panicked: Passenger fined $11,000 for opening planes emergency door
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A passenger who opened the emergency door while waiting to leave the plane was recently detained and fined $11,000 to cover costs.

According to the South China Morning Post, the man, who was identified as Chen, opened the door because he said the packed plane was "stuffy."

Chen had just flown from the island of Hainan, China, to Sichuan, China. Chen said he hoped to have some fresh air, so he pulled the handle. He later said he didnt know the handle was attached to the emergency door.

The emergency slide began to deploy from the plane so he panicked and closed the door.

Because it was so stuffy, so hot on the plane, I just pushed down on the window handle beside me. When the door fell out, I panicked, he said, according to the South China Morning Post.

Chen was reportedly detained for 15 days and fined 70,000 yuan, which is about $11,000 to cover the maintenance fees and costs.

The unnamed airline said the man should have known about the door since the crew conducted its normal safety instruction demonstrations before the flight, according to Newsweek.

All travelers sitting near the emergency seats were informed about their responsibilities and precautions for sitting so close to those doors, too, the airline said.

In January, a passenger on Ryanair climbed onto the planes wing while waiting to leave the plane, according to Fox News. The passenger reportedly had been complaining about his asthma before calmly walking to the emergency exit, opening it, looking out onto the tarmac, coming back into the plane to retrieve a bag, and then exiting out onto the wing, Fox News reported.

In 2012, a Ukrainian man attempted to open the emergency exit door on a flight from Boston to Salt Lake City after his flight landed in Utah, according to CNN. The man, who had spent his entire vacation drinking, woke up and shouted that the plane was on fire.
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