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6 magical ways to celebrate the day you married your best friend
Tired of doing the same old dinner-and-a-movie routine for your anniversary? Try one of these suggestions instead. - photo by Megan Shauri
Your anniversary is very special. It is a day to remember when you said yes to spending the rest of your life with that person who completes you, so it needs to be celebrated. But it can be hard thinking of something to do every year. You can renew your vows or go on a second honeymoon only once in a while. So what do you do on those years in between? Here are some ideas.

Recreate your first date

Where did you go on your first date? What did you do? Try to recreate that first experience. Go to the same restaurant, do the same activities and remember together how awkward or amazing that experience was. Going back to those places really refreshes that memory. Talk about what you were thinking about the other person, how you felt and if you thought there would be more than one date. Laugh about the nerves or fears you had and how many outfits you tried on before settling on what you wore. Its always fun to reminisce about those early times before the wedding.

Watch your wedding DVD or look through your wedding album

Whether you had a DVD made, a photo book put together or photos stored on a hard drive, spend some time looking through those moments together. Remember all the fun things that happened and the emotions you were feeling on that day. See how much you both have changed and how far you have come as a couple. This activity does not need to take much time, yet it is a great way to literally relive that special day.

Get together with your wedding party

Your anniversary doesnt have to be spent 100% alone. You can arrange to have a get-together with your wedding party. Do you still live close to your best man and maid of honor? If so, invite them over or go to dinner together. They were a big part of your day and are obviously important people in your life. It is easy to get lost in just spending time with your immediate family, set this day aside to be with your friends who helped celebrate your love on your special day.

Make a list of things you still want to do as a couple

Are you where you thought you would be this many years after being married? Looking back at how your relationship started and seeing pictures of your special day are great ways to reminisce, but it is also fun to look towards the future. Talk about what you see for your family as you celebrate more anniversaries together. Are you finished having children? Are you living in your forever home? Have you traveled everywhere you want to go with your spouse? Making goals and plans for the future fortifies the present.

Follow anniversary year themes

Every year there is a theme according to how many years you have been married. For example, year two you give something cotton and year 25 you give something silver. Take this theme thing up a notch, and really go for it. If your theme is China, go eat Chinese food. See the China exhibit at the zoo, or even plan a trip to China. If your theme is paper, eat off of paper plates. Give him (paper) tickets to his favorite basketball game, or write a mushy paper love note. It doesnt have to be elaborate. It can be something simple and thoughtful. But if you both agree to stick to the theme, it makes a fun and creative way to celebrate.

Do something you usually would not do

Have you always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride or take a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city? Plan to do that on your anniversary. A lot of the time we think something sounds fun, but it is a bit elaborate or not something you can do with kids. There is no better time to be a little over-the-top than when celebrating your special day together. So get a babysitter, and do something totally out of the ordinary with your spouse.

Whether you spend your day reminiscing about the past, planning for the future or giving each other fun gifts from the heart, it doesnt matter. Just as long as you spend your anniversary together, doing something special. That is all thats important. It is a day worth celebrating because it is the day you married your best friend.
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