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6 big-time celebrities who have spoken out against pornography
Actor Terry Crews saw that his marriage was falling apart, and he needed to find a solution. That solution, he said, was to watch pornography. - photo by Herb Scribner
Actor Terry Crews saw that his marriage was falling apart, and he needed to find a solution.

That solution, he said in an interview with Highly Questionable, an ESPN sports talk show, was to watch pornography.

Crews said his marriage problems began when he felt he was more valuable than his wife.

There is a cult of masculinity. It is a cult, he said. You believe the wrong things. If you believe the wrong things, it affects everything in your life. I believed I was more valuable than my wife and kids because I was a man.

This attitude didnt stick for long.

All of these things started crumbling around me, he said. I put pornography in my life. I realized I was wrong.

Crews said he hit rock bottom, which led him to using pornography as a coping mechanism.

I got to take a good, hard look at what was happening, he said. You learn ways to cope that just arent right. And I needed some correction, and it took a lot of years.

He added, this whole thing with pornography twisted my mind up. I needed to find a right way to talk to my wife.

He said that talking about pornography may help others find salvation in the future.

I have no problem talking about it because the more you talk about this stuff, the less power it has, he said.

This isnt the first time that Crews has spoken out against pornography. As Nick Anderson wrote for the Deseret News, Crews published a series of videos in which he said pornography really messed up his life. He hopes that people will learn from his example and improve their way of living.

"Some people deny," Crews said in one of his videos. They say, 'Hey, man, you can't really be addicted to pornography. But I'm going to tell you something. If day turns into night and you are still watching, you probably have got a problem. And that was me.

Crews isnt the only celebrity to engage with the public about pornography. Heres a look at five other celebrities who have spoken out against pornography.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Gordon-Levitt said that his 2013 film Don Jon a modern take on the Don Juan character who has an addiction to pornography ended up being about pornography because he wanted to show that fantasies cant live up to expectations.

Real life is actually a lot more beautiful and rich with detail and nuance, but you'll miss it if you're constantly comparing your real life to fantasies," he said in an interview with FOX411. "So that's why I thought a story about a young man who watches too much pornography going out with a young woman who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies would be sort of a funny way to ask these questions.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant hasnt been the loudest advocate against pornography, but he said in a past interview that his decision to stop watching sexually explicit material helped him build a family.

As Fight The New Drug reported, Grant said he stopped watching pornography more than three years ago.

I now have three children. I think there is a correlation, he said.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand made headlines back in 2015 when he posted a video that spoke out against pornography.

In the video, Brand said he watched sexually mature material a lot as a teenager, which has adversely affected him as an adult. Something he said other youngsters can learn from.

Pornography is not something I like, Brand said in his video. Its something that I havent been able to make a long-term commitment to not looking at, and it's affecting my ability to relate to women, to relate to myself, my own sexuality (and) my own spirituality.

You can see what else he said about pornography in this video.

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones produced a documentary called Hot Girls Wanted back in 2015 that shows young girls how troubling the pornography industry can be.

She told The Independent that the pornography industry sets a bad precedent for young girls to follow.

"In a society where we want young women to be equal accepting porn undermines the equality and independence of these young women," she said.

The Parks and Recreation actress also said back in 2015 that pornography takes a persons power away, making them seem less than their partner, according to Mic.

She added that pornography is really a performance that doesnt do anything but fulfill fantasies.

"Because it's performative, women are not feeling joy from it," Jones said, according to Mic. "It's fulfilling a male fantasy."

Jason Castro

As our own Billy Hallowell reported today, Castro, who finished fourth place in the seventh season of American Idol, said that he struggled with a porn addiction that almost brought down his marriage.

"I wasn't prepared for what the internet had," he said. "It started out as small every now and then and, you know, I guess it had just kept growing."

The porn addiction, he said in a video, led him to cheat on his wife with a girl he met while on tour.

But Castro said he eventually found ways to make it right with his wife.

"I always believed in God, but didn't really trust him with everything," he said. "I got rid of my cell phone I got rid of every outlet. ... (I took) away every potential hazard."
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