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11 romantic date ideas that will make any woman swoon
Step up your game with these romantic ideas that will capture her heart. - photo by Mary Petramalo
Women thrive off of romance; this is true. They love those sappy novels and purposefully watch Nicholas Sparks movies that leave their hearts throbbing. But, when a woman has enough romance in her own relationship, the need to get a romance fix through books and movies lessens. And this is a win-win situation for you men.

Men have it hard these days. A lot of pressure is put on them to be not only romantic but creative and unique as well. Every girl's dream is to have a romantic hunk of her own. Yet it is super time-consuming coming up with innovative and romantic date ideas all on your own. But let me tell you, gentlemen: you can't go wrong with this list, and your girl will swoon at your thoughtfulness.

1. Dance at a park to a romantic playlist

Pick songs that have personal meaning to you, her or your relationship. Songs are key to setting the mood and for making a dance in the park a romantic evening together.

2. Stargaze with a picnic

Take time to pack dinner for your stargazing adventure and make sure to include chocolate or some kind of dessert. Don't forget a blanket or chairs and take her to a place where you can eat, stargaze and enjoy each other's company. You could even hop on top of a roof to make it more adventurous and unique. If you want to make the night extremely special, officially name a star for her like in "A Walk to Remember."

3. Plan a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun opportunity to show your woman you pay attention to the small things. Create clues tying in inside jokes and going to meaningful places from your relationship. Have the treasure be something important to her. Remember, guys, this doesn't have to be super expensive and crazy. The smallest things mean the most.

4. Cuddle by the fire

This one never gets old. The fire and cuddling create an irresistible aura. This is a date to focus on each other and just enjoy being in each other's arms. If you want to add a little something to the mix, bringing a good book or some smores will make it an even more perfect night.

5. Pick fruit at a local orchard

Being in nature together is magical. Just go enjoy being together as you pick the fruit that is in season.

6. Do a puzzle

Get a random puzzle or a puzzle of her favorite art and do it together. Share your first impressions of each other. Have toothpicks and finger food if you want to spice it up even more.

7. Have a fondue night

What is it about fondue that screams romantic?! Bite-size food to dip in cheese and chocolate creates the perfect environment for an enjoyable date together. Make up stories as you're sharing your delectable dinner.

8. Take a dance lesson

Top of the romance list right here. Even if you don't enjoy dancing or the concept, do it just to hold your woman close. And I'm not talking hip-hop; I'm talking latin or ballroom dancing. Then surprise her later in the week with trying a dance move you learned while you're both in the kitchen.

9. Go on a bike ride

Go on an easy-going, light bike ride together. Enjoy the moment. The surroundings. The relationship. If possible, rent a tandem bike. Explore places near youpretend to be a tourist in your own city. If you want to put a spin on it, take a dice and for each turn roll it: even = go right, odd = go left. Ride to a special destination for lunch or a snack.

10. Initial a tree

Go to a nearby park or forested area and carve your initials and a heart into a tree. Then, to keep up with the botany theme, go to your local garden store, pick your favorite plant, take it home and plant it in a pot. Planting something together is actually quite a special experience.

11. Swing in a hammock

Lie in a hammock in a beautiful placea perfect excuse to get nice and close. If you're just wanting to relax, bring a good book or a movie on your iPad. Your woman would probably be pretty impressed if it was a romance novel or movie to boot.
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