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Possibilities are 'Limitless" in sci-fi flick
Showtime with Sasha
Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer who thinks he's hit the big time with a mind expanding drug in "Limitless." - photo by Studio photo

The movie of the week is “Limitless,” starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. It’s available on DVD.
I’ll help you decide if you should pick up a copy.
The premise is simple. Take a single pill and enjoy 24 hours of your full potential. You’ll be smarter. You’ll remember everything. You’ll see patterns only a genius could understand. The possibilities are limitless.
That’s what Cooper’s character thinks when he takes his first dose of the strange drug NZT. But then he learns there may be side effects and then some.
“Limitless” marks Cooper’s first trial by fire as a true leading man. He has the ability. He has the charm. Electric blue eyes don’t hurt either.
This is a good science fiction movie, but guys probably will enjoy it more than the gals will. There are some genuinely cool sequences, and for that reason I suggest you watch it on Blu-ray.
I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending. But “Limitless” took home about $18 million in theaters. In contrast, “Source Code,” a better sci-fi film, only brought in $14 million during its opening weekend.
All in all, I’m a fan!
As it turns out, I’m also a fan of director Neil Burger, whose other films include the Edward Norton starrer, “The Illusionist” and the poignant film about soldiers on leave called “The Lucky Ones.” See those, too, if you haven’t.
Ah, but I know what you’re thinking. What about De Niro? Well, De Niro is De Niro. He does everything he is supposed to and the film was lucky to have him. There’s not much else to say.

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