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The times they are a changing
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

Change, sometimes, is good. One example is that people now drive cars rather than a horse and buggy.

But change in behavior that violates the scriptures is never good or right.

I saw a show the other day of which I hadn’t viewed in years. It was called, "My Three Sons." In this particular episode, the eldest son had such an attraction toward a girl that they decided to get married.

The fact of whether this was the right time or not to be married is not what I wish to address. How young people respond to someone they feel special for has changed.

The moral code during the days of "My Three Sons" was based upon principles taught in the Bible. Today’s attitude is, "If it feels good, do it."

In other words, our response to urges is not based on a moral code but on how we personally feel about it.

The Apostle Paul understood that mankind has temptations to do a lot of things. Some things, like eating, cannot be ignored, at least not long term. Some may need to be suppressed or abandoned completely, like an urge to take illegal drugs. Some may have to be delayed or suppressed for a time, like sexual activity.

Paul told his hearers in 1 Corinthians 6:18 to "flee sexual immorality." God isn’t anti-sex because he invented it. But he has reserved it for enjoyment within certain moral boundaries found in his word, which is in a marriage relationship between a man and a woman.

Apart from God’s help and the power of his spirit within us, it can be difficult to obey God’s word in changing times, when that word is not popular or highly respected.

As we follow Jesus, "We can do all things through Christ, which gives us strength."

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