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Putting disappointment in perspective
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Church events
The following events are taking place this month at New Beginnings Community Church in Richmond Hill:
• Neighborhood caroling at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 15. Carolers will be transported by hayrides and will return for hot drinks and finger food.
• Fourth annual Christmas Eve Candlelight service will be at 6 p.m., Friday, Dec. 24. Come enjoy a special time of music and communion in celebration of the savior’s birth.

At this time of year a person gets used to traveling down certain roads and looking for Christmas lights. Some people consistently light up their homes or lawns with these beautiful displays. This year I have noticed that some such displays are missing – my guess is that it could be because of the economy.
One place I have taken my grandchildren to see for the last few years is in the Buckhead community. This house had lights that, when you turned your car radio to a certain station, they would dance to the music. It was awesome.
I went to see if it was operating yet but found the yard empty of it’s usual attraction. After talking to someone in the neighborhood, I was informed that the occupants had moved away and that this display would not be put up. The good news is that I understand it will be available in another neighborhood.
As much as I will miss these displays there are other things that should mean more to me if they were to come up missing. Lights are pretty, but those things that best illustrate the meaning of the season are becoming less frequent – and am I as or more disappointed at their disappearance?
Take for instance a manger scene with the baby Jesus surrounded by Mary and Joseph with the angels and shepherds close by, or a display of the star that led the wise men to where Jesus was. It is a shame that courts have determined that it is illegal and politically incorrect to display them in public places. Again, does it bother me enough to take action or do I even think or talk about it?
It is easy during this time of year to push the reason for the season completely out of the way and only think about the secular side. Don’t let this happen to you. We at New Beginnings are offering several activities that will help you celebrate the Christ of Christmas. We have a dinner theater this Sunday, Christmas caroling this next week and then a special Christmas Eve service on Dec. 24. Call us for times or details at 308-7635. Don’t let this Christmas pass without letting Christ be a part of it.

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