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Get excited about the Lord
pastor corner

Did you hear that?
There have been cries of joy and sighs of relief as football widows all over America rejoice that the Super Bowl is over and that football is done until fall.  
The fact that I can speak of “football widows” is a fascinating thought. There are households where husbands and wives hardly speak during the season. I know that there are many women who are huge football fans, but in many cases, they are glad that the season is over.
This season was a tough one for the NFL.
There have been issues concerning domestic violence and child abuse. The two weeks leading up to the big game were filled more discussions about the amount of air that a football holds than you would ever have expected to hear in a lifetime.  
But then, there was the final game. It was, in many ways, a classic. New England came from 10 points down in the fourth quarter to take the lead.
Then, Seattle marched the ball down the field — aided by what many would call a miraculous catch — only to throw an interception with just 20 seconds remaining in the game.
Sixty minutes of exciting football, leaving one team elated and the other deflated (pun intended).
I did not have a team in the fight. But after getting home from our evening worship service, I watched every minute of the game. I even tensed up in the final minutes, wondering who would be victorious.
In many ways, life is much like a sporting event. We have to spend much of life preparing and making ourselves ready for major events.
As we live, we face an enemy. For the believer, that enemy is Satan, who wants to defeat us. We work best when we work as a team with other believers. And we have the best coach of all time; he is undefeated and will remain so.  
I always have enjoyed sports and competition. I have played a variety of them, have coached my sons and even have officiated games. There is something about competing that revs my engine.  
I hope that I can be as excited as I serve the one who gave me life. Life may be like a game, but it is not a game; it is very real. And it requires that we pay attention to detail and listen to the one who can help us.  
I encourage you to trust in the Lord. He always is good. He will never forsake you.
You can trust in him.

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