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Be content, thankful for what you have
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In the book of 1 Timothy, we are told that if we have food and clothes, we need to be content. This idea is far from “the American dream,” in which we strive to have all our wants as well as our needs met. For most of us to be satisfied we even dictate what kind of food we eat and what brand of clothes we wear.
My personal opinion is that most of us Americans are spoiled. We don’t want to hear about those in other places of the world who would like to have the bare necessities if that were possible.
Without getting into politics, I believe I am smart enough to know that we as a country are in great difficulty financially, with the threat of many states heading for bankruptcy and the national debt getting out of control. We as citizens are the ones who will eventually own the debt, so the average person may need to change his or her lifestyle. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, but this is reality.
But there is some good news: For God has promised us that he will always meet the needs of those who put him first. Also, I believe when we have less, we appreciate what we have more.
And I believe the most important thing is that we may be heading into one of the greatest opportunities Christians have ever had in being able to share Christ, for when people are hurting is when they are more open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In the meantime, let us learn to be content and be thankful for what we have. And as Christians, let us look for open doors to share the good news of Christ. If you are hurting and are not a follower of Christ, why not give him a try? He will prove himself faithful.

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