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Have You Seen This? Man who is blind learns how to quick draw
Tommy Edison, also known as the Blind Film Critic, decided to learn how to fast draw and turns out, he's better than most of us. - photo by John Clyde

THE SHOOTIN' RANGE Fast draw target shooting is pretty incredible to watch. These experts manage to draw their pistol, cock the hammer and then hit a target with pin-point accuracy all within hundredths of a second. If you start watching some of their videos on YouTube, you quickly go down a rabbit hole that is tough to get out of.

As impressive as all that is, Tommy Edison also known as the Blind Film Critic decided he wanted to give fast draw a go, despite his inability to see the target.

Edison is blind, but that has not stopped him from experiencing life and this video is a great example of that. It's pretty cool to watch fast draw expert Cisko Master Gunfighter coach Edison and then watch Edison use the sense of touch to figure out where he needs to aim.

When all was said and done, Edison managed to draw, cock the hammer and hit a target 16-feet away within one second. Not too shabby, if I say so myself.

Check out the video to see the process. It's worth your time.
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