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6 annoying habits that women hate about men
Sometimes men can be really annoying. It may not necessarily be their fault, but that does not make it any less frustrating. Here are 6 annoying things they do that women hate. - photo by Megan Shauri
There are some things that men do that really annoy women. It may be something they have no control over, like the fact that they are a man, or it may be something that they do. Whatever the reason, here are 5 annoying habits that women hate about men:

1. Going straight to bed

When was the last time you were able to go straight to bed once you got tired? It is never that easy for woman. First of all, there are all the things to do to get ready for bed. Clean the dishes in the sink, straighten up the living room, bring the dog food inside so it doesnt attract critters, tuck the kids into bed, turn off all the lights and lock the door.

Then there is what we do for ourselves before bed: taking off makeup, taking down our hair, doing our moisturizer routine, brushing our teeth and going to the bathroom. By the time we go to bed, our husband has been asleep for over an hour. How nice would that be?

2. Knowing exactly what they want

A man can walk into a store, make a bee-line for his section, pick out the first thing that meets his criteria and check out. It is never that simple for women. We get distracted by all the fun things to see on the way to our section, and then we can spend hours looking at every item in the store trying them on, analyzing the price and making justifications as to why we should or should not buy it. While I love the act of shopping as much as the next girl, there are times I wish I could make a decision as fast as my husband.

3. Not holding a grudge

It seems guys get over things so much faster than women. They call each other out on stuff, and once they talk about it, theyre fine. They move on, they are okay with each other. If a woman were to get in a fight with another woman, it can last for weeks, months, even years. We may talk to them about it, but it is very polite and delicate. Then we simmer and steam over the issue forever. It can be hard to get over it ever, and it may affect the relationship to the point of you being frenemies instead of besties.

4. Having both a length and waist size in their pants

Why cant women have this? Honestly, when my husband goes into a store, it doesnt matter what store it is, the sizes are all the same. He gets the same length and waist size in every store he enters. For women we have to always try on our pants. We may be a size 6 in one store, but 10 in another. It depends on the brand, the cut, and the material. The length is a whole other issue. While we have petite, regular and long, it seems we still end up having to hem or tailor our pants anyway.

5. Thinking they always have the solution

When a woman comes to a man with a complaint or problem, we do not want him to solve it. We come to vent. A man however, thinks we are looking for advice or a solution, so they offer it. Then they are confused when we get frustrated with them. All we were looking for is a pat on the back or a hug, not a lecture on what we should have done, or what we need to do now.

6. Never knowing what it feels like to be a woman

There often have been times when I wish my husband could know what it feels like to be pregnant, or to try and nurse a baby while taking care of toddlers, or perhaps to experience what it feels like to cry for no reason at all. If a man can experience what a woman does, he may be a bit more understanding or empathetic to whatever situation we are going through instead of telling us to buck up or figure it out.

All of these little habits make up a lot of our men, yet we love them anyway. The differences between men and women are what attract us to each other. They are what help round us out and challenge ourselves daily. If we didnt have our men to drive us crazy, then life would be pretty dull.
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