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20 beauty benefits of olive oil you didn't know about
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Olive oil is a common cooking ingredient that can usually be found in almost every kitchen, but did you know olive oil is also one of the greatest beauty products you will ever use?

Here are 20 beauty benefits to olive oil youll want to try:

1. Olive oil bath

Pouring a little bit of olive oil into your bath gives your skin so many benefits. Olive oil contains antioxidants your skin needs and loves to absorb. Just be sure to clean your bathtub well when you're done bathing because the oil can leave a residue that will build up over time.

2. Neosporin knockoff

Mix some olive oil with Vaseline to create a shield and remedy for scrapes and scars. Certain properties in the olive oil have been proven to accelerate the healing process, so if you're fresh out of Neosporin, then this little tip might save you from the hassle of going to the store.

3. Cracked skin repair

Your skin is very delicate, especially in regions with dry air. That brings danger to damaging your skin cells as well as causing an irritable itch. Rubbing your skin down with olive oil will protect it from cracking so badly. This is actually best for people with cracked heels.

4. Makeup remover

The great thing about olive oil is that it naturally does not clog pores like most oils do. Simply dab some oil on a cotton pad to remove any makeup or dirt that has built up in your pores throughout the day and you're set.

5. Skin moisturizer

Using olive oil on your skin will change your skin for the better.

6. Prevents wrinkles

Olive oil is full of vitamin E, which has been proven to help counteract aging. The oil will help with smoothing out your skin and serve as a sort of sunscreen against harmful UV rays. Remember the next time you run out of sunscreen, olive oil just might be your saving grace.

7. Facemask treatment

Olive oil is used as an ingredient in so many beauty products today. You can even make your own DIY face mask and use it as a skin treatment. Mixing olive oil with one a ground cucumber and a tablespoon of milk will serve as a refreshing and moisturizing face mask.

8. Shine and frizz serum

I use this little tidbit all the time. After you blow dry or apply any sort of heat to your hair, it will usually have a few flyaways or frizziness to it. Applying some olive oil is the trick to getting rid of those unruly strands and adds a bit of shine your luscious locks.

9. Dandruff treatment

If you have bad dandruff or an itchy scalp then soaking your hair in olive oil over night will do you justice. It will allow your hair to absorb any vitamins your scalp needs in order to stay clean and moisturized.

10. Lip scrub

Mix olive oil and sugar and massage your lips with it once a week and you will see a difference in how smooth your lips are.

11. Eczema and rash treatment

If your skin has bumps or has become irritated, applying olive oil might not be such a bad idea. The oil's medicinal properties soothe and work as a component in fighting off other pathogens. Massage it into your skin twice a day and you will see a difference.

12. Prevents hangnails

Olive oil is packed with vitamin e, which does well to soften your skin. Applying olive oil several times a day to a hangnail will reverse the damaged skin and promote healing.

13. Under eye cream

I struggle sleeping at times, especially when I have a busy work day ahead, so I am always waking up with bags and puffiness under my eyes. After researching and trying out many different eye creams, I have come to find that olive oil works the best. I take a penny-sized amount and apply it to my under-eye skin every night and it has worked like a charm.

14. Makeup brush cleaner

Mix some olive oil with Dawn dish soap and you will find your brushes as smooth as the first time you used them. Keeping your brushes clean is very important and keeps your face free of bacteria that can build up in the bristles over time.

15. Cuticle oil

If you are big on keeping your nails fresh and trimmed, then applying some oil a to your hands few times during the week will do the trick in keeping them healthy and fine.

16. Hair growth treatment

We all have those stubborn hair strands that want to form into split ends. Olive oil will act to solidify and heal those ends. Soaking your hair three times a week in olive oil will put off hair damage, especially if you style your hair with heat.

17. Shaving cream

Switch your shaving cream with olive oil. You will get better results each time.

18. Ear wax remedy

Cleaning out your ear a few times a month is vital to your overall health. Use olive oil as ear drops to help clean any dirt or bacteria that could potentially damage your eardrum and wellness. Continue to clean your ear with a q-tip following the action.

19. Pre-shampoo treatment

Run some olive oil through your ends and leave it in your hair for three minutes. Do this on nights you intend on washing your hair and you will see a difference in its overall shine and health. The oil's properties will regenerate damaged strands and stimulate hair growth.

20. Salad dressing

Along with all the pros to outside beauty, consuming olive oil is great for your insides as well. Instead of layering your favorite dressing on your salad, switch to olive oil. Doing so will help boost your metabolism and also serve as a general beauty booster.
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