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Richmond Hill Recreation Association trying something new this spring player pitch
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The Richmond Hill Recreation Association is trying something new this spring in the 9 and 10 boys division. They have switched from a machine pitch program to a player pitch format. The overall response to that change has been positive from players, coaches and parents. Here are some thoughts from two coaches in the new 9/10 player pitch division.

"Overall, I like having the kid pitch, and I hope we continue with it. But we are definitely experiencing growing pains. I grew up within a very successful rec program where district and state titles were not uncommon, and we all began pitching at the age of 9. So from my own personal experience, I fully believe that starting these kids pitching at 9 and 10 is appropriate. I’ll also tell you that the father-in-law of one of our coaches was a high-school coach in South Carolina, and he said that he could see kids coming out of the machine-pitch leagues in their early years were generally a bit behind the other kids who got kid pitching. So from a developmental viewpoint, I like having kid pitch at these ages. I think having more time to concentrate on teaching proper pitching techniques prior to the season opener would help. Having Fall Ball last year was a good start."

- Bob May, Coach of the 9/10 Cardinals


"I must say that I had mixed emotions with player pitch before our first practice. My concern was for the kids. Then I thought, man this is going to be tough, finding 2 or 3 kids who can pitch. But the kid’s have "stepped up to the plate" and really shown that they have what it takes to get the job done. Out of the 11 kids on our team, we have 7 that have pitched and want to pitch each game! I don’t know of any kid on our team who wants to go back to machine pitch. Player pitch is allowing the kids to learn more, it’s allowing the kids who can pitch to start developing their skills, it’s real baseball. It’s early in the season and player pitch has already won me over. Keep it going! It’s working! It’s all about the kid’s and they like it!"

- Gary Page, Coach of the 9/10 Rangers


"I think the kid pitch is great! I can’t believe how great the kids are pitching this year for the first time. Next year they will be even better with the ten year olds having some experience. Collin thinks the kid pitch is awesome, he loves the game of baseball, and he loves pitching. He is 9 years old so he will have another year in the 9-10 year old league."

Tripp Wammock, father of Collin Wammock



Don’t forget to come out and enjoy RHRA’s first All Star Sunday, May 4 at 1 p.m. on field 12 at Richmond Hill Park.

The Richmond Hill Recreation Association Spring 2008 Baseball / Softball season is in full swing.

This year’s program is busting at the seams with over 750 players on 67 teams! The players range from age 4 in our Tiny T-ball program to age 18 in our Prep Girls Division.

The focus of RHRA’s Baseball / Softball program is sportsmanship and teamwork. Everyone gets to play, learn and have fun. RHRA is a non-profit organization, ran by volunteers, which supports local baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football and cheerleading programs.

Please thank your coaches, board members, team moms and all the other countless volunteers who freely donate their time to help these youth programs succeed. If you would like to support RHRA and volunteer, please call 756-4075.

The newest addition to the RHRA playbook is Baseball / Softball All Star Sunday!

This will be held on Sunday, May 4 at Richmond Hill Park. The opening ceremonies will begin at PM on Field 12. Each team will nominate several players to come out and play for either the American League or the National League teams for their age division.

There will also be a Home Run Derby open to All Star players starting at 4 p.m.

The cost of the Home Run Derby is $5/participant.

Prizes will be given to the winner in each age division. Come out and join in America’s favorite pastime! PLAY BALL!

For more information ask your coach, visit or call 756-4075.


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