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Wildcat wrestlers go 6-1 in recent matches
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The Richmond Hill wrestling team went 6-1 in duals in recent action.
The Wildcats went 2-0 at Glynn Academy’s triangular Tuesday in Brunswick, beating the host school 65-12 and Brantley County 78-3.

Individually for RHHS, Michael Allen, William Evans, Akeem Littles, Maurice Smith and Alex Hill.
On Saturday, RHHS went 4-1 at the North Oconee Duals. Allen, Ethan Maikranz, Colin Crawford, Taylor Wilson and Hill each went 5-0 on the day for the Wildcats, while Evans went 4-0.

The Wildcats are back in action Friday and Saturday in the Rebel Invite at Springfield and next Tuesday at Brantley County.

Glynn Academy triangular Tuesday in Brunswick
Richmond Hill (RH) 65
Glynn Academy (GA) 12
106: Michael Allen (RH) over James Davis (fall 1:24)
113: Kinzer Matjazic (GA) over Luke Heneise (fall 1:44)
120: William Evans (RH) (forfeit)
126: Ethan Maikranz (RH) over Matthew Laidler (fall 1:06)
132: Cory Cramer (RH) over J`Mari Bethea (technical fall 21-4)
138: Kyle Tucker (RH) over Johnny Bradley (major decision 14-4)
145: Colin Crawford (RH) (for.)
152: Rakim Gonzalez (RH) over Matthew Stafford (MD 12-4)
160: Akeem Littles (RH) over Blake Daughtery (fall 0:37)
170: Maurice Smith (RH) over Jaquarius Middlebrooks (fall 1:03)
182: Taylor Wilson (RH) over Freddie Brookins (fall 1:53)
195: Stevie Gandy (RH) over Antoine Kerr (fall 0:40)
220: Alex Hill (RH) over Jordan Strickland (MD 11-2)
285: Gavin Laidler (GA) over Asael Hernandez-Laredo (fall 2:44)

Richmond Hill (RH) 78
Brantley County (BC) 3
106: Michael Allen (RH) over Austin Cooper (fall 3:22)
113: Luke Heneise (RH) over Prince Caumonday (fall 1:11)
120: William Evans (RH) over Payne Tillman (fall 2:33)
126: Drew Stone (BC) over Ethan Maikranz (13-12)
132: Jaques Arlow (RH) over Ryan Geiger (fall 0:46)
138: Rakeem Littles (RH) over Zane Garrett (fall 3:07)
145: Cameron Toledo (RH) over Bryce Hendrix (fall 1:22)
152: Malcolm Johnson (RH) over Caleb Shipes (fall 0:45)
160: Akeem Littles (RH) over Sean Melis (fall 1:39)
170: Maurice Smith (RH) over Zane Edgy (fall 1:45)
182: Janathanae Hernandez (RH) over Taylor Smith (fall 0:51)
195: Daniel Kashtan (RH) over Taylor Smith (fall 1:28)
220: Alex Hill (RH) over Dakota Woodford (fall 1:28)
285: Asael Hernandez-Laredo (RH) over Kyle Crews (fall 1:03)

North Oconee Duals Saturday in Bogart
Richmond Hill (RH) 51 Glenn Hills (GH) 24
106: Michael Allen (RH) over Danielle Czarnecki (fall 0:46)
113: Luke Heneise (RH) over RaShawn White (fall 1:50)
120: William Evans (RH) over Sydney West (fall 1:54)
126: Ethan Maikranz (RH) (forfeit)
132: Lance Evelyn (GH) over Jaques Arlow (fall 3:22)
138: Rakeem Littles (RH) over Demetrius Williams (fall 5:09)
145: Colin Crawford (RH) over Kyle Allred (fall 2:44)
152: Double forfeit
160: Gequan Fletcher (GH) over Akeem Littles (fall 0:54)
170: Malik Joyner (GH) (for.)
182: Taylor Wilson (RH) over Ethan Bryan (fall 3:03)
195: Drew Renshaw (RH) over Ethan Bryan (10-3)
220: Alex Hill (RH) over Ladell Mosher (fall 0:42)
285: Coutney Johnson (GH) over Asael Hernandez-Laredo (fall 3:42)

Dawson County (DC) 39
Richmond Hill (RH) 37
106: Michael Allen (RH) over unknown (fall)
113: Wyatt Smith (DC) over Luke Heneise (fall)
120: William Evans (RH) over Kelton LeBaron (major decision 17-5)
126: Ethan Maikranz (RH) over Jason Steele (fall 2:29)
132: Robbie Rarick (DC) over Jaques Arlow (fall 1:42)
138: Ethan Cowart (DC) over Rakeem Littles (15-11)
145: Colin Crawford (RH) over Brandon Jones (fall 3:03)
152: Devan King (DC) (for.)
160: Akeem Littles (RH) over Sean Place (6-0)
170: Jeremy Whalen (DC) (for.)
182: Taylor Wilson (RH) over Caine Wells (fall 3:57)
195: Brenden Capps (DC) over Drew Renshaw (fall 1:57)
220: Alex Hill (RH) over Parker Kincaid (fall 3:21)
285: Jordan Waddell (DC) over Asael Hernandez-Laredo (fall 2:48)

Richmond Hill (RH) 71
Athens Academy (AAC) 0
106: Michael Allen (RH) over Thomas Suarez (fall 1:28)
113: Luke Heneise (RH) (for.)
120: William Evans (RH) (for.)
126: Ethan Maikranz (RH) (for.)
132: Jaques Arlow (RH) over Jack Bullock (fall 0:45)
138: Rakeem Littles (RH) over James Gaither (fall)
145: Colin Crawford (RH) over John David Beardon (technical fall)
152: Double forfeit
160: Akeem Littles (RH) over Tre Brookins (fall 3:01)
170: Double forfeit
182: Taylor Wilson (RH) (for.)
195: Drew Renshaw (RH) (for.)
220: Alex Hill (RH) (for.)
285: Asael Hernandez-Laredo (RH) (for.)

Richmond Hill (RH) 45
Grovetown (GROV) 30
106: Michael Allen (RH) over Zanthony Rambert (fall 1:09)
113: Damien Miles (GROV) over Luke Heneise (fall 2:57)
120: William Evans (RH) over Gary Speed (6-2)
126: Ethan Maikranz (RH) (for.)
132: Ashar Evans (GROV) over Jaques Arlow (fall 3:24)
138: Rakeem Littles (RH) over Rachel DeBuck (6-1)
145: Colin Crawford (RH) over Jamir Malone (fall 5:02)
152: Isaiah Geyser (GROV) (for.)
160: Ryan Wheeler (GROV) over Akeem Littles (fall 3:16)
170: Tyler Frost (GROV) (for.)
182: Taylor Wilson (RH) over Miles Leake (fall 1:10)
195: Drew Renshaw (RH) over Greggory Rodgers (5-3)
220: Alex Hill (RH) over Shamar Cofield (fall 1:38)
285: Asael Hernandez-Laredo (RH) over Zach Demchak (fall 0:54)

Richmond Hill (RH) 42
North Oconee (NO) 33
106: Michael Allen (RH) (for.)
113: Tanner Leirzapf (NO) over Luke Heneise (fall 0:54)
120: Nick Schell (RH) over Nicholas Cook (fall 0:25)
126: Ethan Maikranz (RH) (for.)
132: David Sprague (NO) over Jaques Arlow (fall 3:26)
138: Brady Smith (NO) over Rakeem Littles (11-8)
145: Colin Crawford (RH) over Noah Haley (fall 0:50)
152: Dawson Chance (NO) (for.)
160: Akeem Littles (RH) (for.)
170: Double foreit
182: Taylor Wilson (RH) (for.)
195: Harry Isackson (NO) over Daniel Kashtan (fall 1:40)
220: Alex Hill (RH) over William Richardson (fall 0:42)
285: Spencer Massie (NO) over Asael Hernandez-Laredo (RH) (fall 1:04)

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