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Get your national park fix this winter from home
Do you want to see the country's national parks this winter, but not actually travel through the cold to get to them? Well, thanks to the abundance of live web cams, you can see many of the parks from the comfort of your home. - photo by Spencer Durrant
THE GREAT OUTDOORS While many people rightly lament the advent of technology and how it encroaches on a previously untarnished wilderness experience, tech in the outdoors presents some unique, positive results. One of those positive results are the many live stream cameras placed in strategic locations across the nations 58 national parks.

With frigid temperatures gripping most of the country, its difficult to convince yourself let alone the entire family to take a trip to see Americas Wonder-book of nature, as President Theodore Roosevelt once referred to national parks. Luckily, with the advent of live streams, you dont have to leave the warm fireplace.

Heres a list of some of the most popular national park live streams to help you get your nature fix through whats shaping up to be a cold winter.

Katami National Monument Brooks Falls Bear Cam

Formed in 1918, Katami National Monument in Alaska is now home to thousands of brown bears and is ecologically important to sockeye salmon.

One section of the monument, Brooks Falls, is a popular salmon spawning area which means the brown bears love it there as well. While the best times to see brown bears eating salmon is during June August, the bears are active throughout the year. Theyre visible on the Brooks Falls Bear Cam nearly year-round.

Yosemite National Park Yosemite Falls Cam

One of the most popular parks in the country, Yosemite is a haven for rock climbers. The park boasts numerous worldwide climbing records, with walls like El Capitan drawing climbers from every corner of the globe.

The other side of Yosemite lies in its appeal to hikers. From sweeping vistas of the glacial valleys to waterfalls, theres something in Yosemite for every outdoors enthusiast.

If youre not up for the drive to California, however, you can still see one of the parks biggest attractions online via the Yosemite Falls Cam.

Its one of the tallest waterfalls in North America, tumbling 2,425 feet, tucked away in a gorgeous area of the park. The live stream lets you watch the waterfall and dream of the warm spring days that seem so far away.

Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful Geyser Cam

Yellowstone is accessible during the winter, but few people are willing to brave the frigid weather to see Old Faithful up close-and-personal.

The Old Faithful Geyser Cam provides a live stream of the parks iconic geyser on a year-round basis, though it may be most popular and helpful in the dead of winter. Theres even information on the page detailing when you can expect to see the next geyser eruption.

Zion National Park Park Headquarters

Zion is one of the handful of national parks that sees visitors year-round due to its relatively low elevation and low annual rain and snowfall totals. However, if you want to plan your Zion trip before going, then you can check out the parks headquarters camera for a real-time look at the weather in one of Southern Utahs most popular destinations.

The camera isnt as entertaining as the Katami brown bears, but it provides a functional use for anyone looking to find some solace in nature.

Do you have a favorite national park webcam? Do you like to visit parks in the winter?
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