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Village resident is proud of it
Letter to editor
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Editor; It’s about time Richmond Hill City Council is seeking ways to ease drainage problems in our neighborhoods with the purchase of 24.75 acres of swamp land from Mulberry Co., LLC.  I believe the purchase of this land when developed for recreational use will definitely be an asset to the city.
I’ve never noticed a drainage problem in Cherokee that could be solved with whatever the city plans to do.  The lots are sandy and raised and after much rain the lots just sit there and seep for days on end.  What does the city expect to do to fix this?
On the other hand, a neighborhood that was not mentioned or included in the article is Richmond Hill Village which has a serious drainage problem with the front, side and back ditches rarely being mowed and cleaned of debris.  The water just sits, stagnates and breeds mosquitos and it also stinks. I realize the side ditches are the responsibility of the land owners and said owners should be seriously encouraged to keep these ditches open and running rather than piling yard clippings into them.  Also, I’ve notice some back ditches filled in to allow for a back drive.  Something that is so vital to the wellbeing of a neighborhood is so flagrantly ignored and the city just sits on it, but, after all, this is the “bottom.” 
I suppose our Richmond Hill Village was omitted in the article because we have two markers declaring it to be the “bottom”.  Maybe city council omitted Richmond Hill Village for fear of an outcry from Cherokee, Melrose, Turtle Hill, Brisbon Hall and Mainstreet residents who might  rather not be connected to the “bottom” for fear of the element of criminal activity, shanties and old cars associated with poor “bottom” areas spreading to their more affluent neighborhoods.  Well, you might as well get over it because you will be connected to the “bottom” and be a part of the “bottom” when this project is finished unless the city decides to build a fence.
Proud Richmond Hill Village resident.

— Dianne Rutland

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