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Trust Jesus in the storm
pastor corner

We continue to be in hurricane season. We’ve only had one close threat so far, but we are reminded that the season is far from over, and we need to be prepared.

Storms are often used as an analogy for life. Storms in life are inevitable, and how we weather those storms is often the difference between a joyful life and a miserable one.

I once preached a sermon where I said that every one of us is in one of three positions. We are in the midst of a storm, we have just emerged from one, or there is one waiting for us around the corner.

That sounds pessimistic to some, but I consider it realistic.

The truth is that life is filled with storms And here’s the thing that a lot of people miss. Some believe that storms always come as a result of our bad choices. We bring storms on ourselves. And I will admit that can be the case.

But I would point you to the story of Jesus’s disciples getting in the boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. They were doing what Jesus told them to do. And within hours they were in the midst of a violent storm that caused them to believe they were going to perish.

They were doing exactly what Jesus commanded, and still found themselves in the storm.

Not every storm comes because you have done something wrong.

But every storm comes with the possibility of learning valuable life lessons.

God can teach us when the winds are calm. But somehow we seem to listen more carefully when we are being bombarded from every side.

I do not pray that you will face a storm soon. But I do pray that, when you do, that you will look to the one who is able to help you.

Trust the maker of the universe. He has promised never to leave you or to forsake you. You can count on him.

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