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Trust in God’s plan
pastor corner

Well, I’m in Haiti this week. A team of nine from our church left last Saturday and will return this Saturday.

We have held medical clinics in four locations, and I had the privilege of teaching a group of 11 pastors how to develop a Christian worldview.

We had planned, scheduled and canceled this trip two times already this year. And then Dorian threatened to shut us down again, but we were finally able to go and do what we believed the Lord had led us to do.

Can I be completely honest with you? Having to cancel/postpone the trip was terribly disappointing. Both in February and in April we waited until almost the last minute to call it off, because we so wanted to go.

It can be hard to know why the Lord would not pave the way for us to go when we are seeking to do his will. After all, isn’t he strong enough to settle the political unrest that was the problem?

Understanding and knowing God’s will and ways is both exciting and confusing at times. Paul the apostle spoke of the Lord closing doors where he wanted to go.

He reminded us often of the need to be flexible and obedient. God’s ways are mysterious. But he always does what is best. And so we trust him.

It is easy to trust the Lord when life is going the way we would like. But the truth is that we often forget about him during these times.

But when life comes with challenges and disappointments we recognize our need to call on him.

Paul told the Philippian church that he had learned to be content, no matter what his circumstances. I pray that you and I will learn to do the same.

Let us remember that God is good, and let us trust him wherever he leads.

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