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Time to embrace our differences
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While we get closer to the end of this year, it’s time to look over what we did in 2013 that actually reached out to people within the community and helped break down any walls of sexism, racism, classism and religion. 
We all know that this holiday season is based on historical events that happened as part of another civilization from the past. Yet we really don’t understand that early civilizations normally did not surround themselves with “walls.” They believed that whatever land they occupied was not their own. They were not land-driven.
Many religions believe the pre-sin era of Genesis shows us a stage of life where human beings were at true liberty. There was no need for physical boundaries, except for that one physical space that, if breached, signaled an alteration of the fellowship between God and man, a prohibition placed by God establishing the grounds for fellowship and interaction between God and man. Up to that point, there was no need for “walls” because fellowship was liberation. 
This is what Unity in the Community has tried to do and still wants to bring back — the type of liberation in which people from all backgrounds can fellowship freely with one another.
Happy and healthy holidays and make it a new year of unity in your community. Remember, we are more alike than we are not alike … and we spend more time focusing on our differences, but instead need to embrace our differences, while also discovering our likenesses.

Craig “Imara” and Sharon Butts are co-founders of Unity in the Community.

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